Chapter 1: An echo in the silence

There has always been a clear discrimination of the non elementary angels in Devilangia. In most of the cities of the Angelic kingdom; they were living in poor suburbs, kind of like ghettos. There was only one exception in the whole empire; a small city mainly occupied by non elementary angels: Asilia. The non elementary angels, as they name show, are a category of angels that are born without any elementary power, they all have transparent wings. they were the aim of all racism in the angels word simply because they weren’t as the others able to master any elements. As a result, they were pushed aside and forgotten in their misery while the other angels were living in decent conditions, even luxury for some of them. The situation was unfair and it stayed for a very long time; however, something happened that started a wind of change in the despair of this race.  Few years have passed since the attacks that was caused by the return of the devil: Lucifer. He was however stopped by the coalition of the fallen angels and with the fall of the greatest menace of the angels world, things needed to be change. during the time of the return of Lucifer, measures were taken to permit to a non elementary angel to attend as a student in the Angelic Academy: De LaCroix. During her stay in the academy, she got involved with the founders of the coalition and became one of the very first members. She happened to be the container of the Adam Kadamon’s Power; the power went to her through her heredity as it was first sealed in one of her ancestors. Lucifer end up discovering the truth behind her and tried to get the power out of her; but she died in the process. After the return to the order, this event was decisive in making pressure on the new archangel council to establish equity between elementary and non elementary angels. The decision was then taken to build Asilia, A prototype city that would be fully equiped to be the home of a whole community of non elementary angels. The new council wanted to give the non elementary angels some sort of independence so that they would be able to fuse with the kingdom and gain an equal status. The experience was held for a year. 90% of the population chosen to live in Asilia were non elementary angels and a minority of 10% of elementary angels were chosen as well; to establish how well the equal status would be on the elementary angels. By doing this, the council was trying to re conciliate all the races and bring back peace between them.

Adam was one of the non elementary angels chosen for the experiment; he was just a hundred years old and is feeling less impact by those ‘changes’ than his elder. Moving to Asilia was a good decision for him; he was finally able to move from the dump he passed the rest of his life in, in the southern city of Ethos. Living on the same conditions than the other elementary angels was a completely new and intriguing event for him.

The day of the inauguration, a sephirot Legion came to transport the people chosen and their stuff. Adam wasn’t owning a lot, he only took a small bag that was containing all he had important. The trip took two hours, The distance from Ethos to Asilia was enormous indeed, as great as the distance between Europe and America, but the cherubs transportation system was very fast and very efficient.

Adam was installed in the North East sector. He was now living in a big flat with a great view on the valley of clouds, It was a brand new life and a brand new experience. He was enrolled in the Cherubs branch, his parents always wanted him to become an engineer angel and he took the decision to make them proud. Many non elementary successful angels have been minor cherubs and this position has put them out of the ghettos. Adam wasn’t really sure about how being a cherub will be; he wasn’t completely confident in his technical skills.

Adam spent a quite first year; he had some troubles to adapt to the cherubs program though. His days at the Academy were quite peaceful other wise. Everything started to change when restrictions started to appear; after the first year, the Archangel council decided that the experiment of Asilia was a success; they decided to open a chance for more people to go there, and in that respect, they put more restriction for a potential stay. Adam wasn’t sure  of what to do anymore when he received the news; for him, he needed to graduate from the Academy to insure his stay in Asilia or move on the higher levels of the other Angelic cities. And as he wasn’t doing really well in his cherub program, his doubt were higher than ever.

Something changed that new year though, Adam felt under the pressure of the work at the Academy and simply let it go. At that moment, he was rarely getting out from his flat, consuming angel dust all the time. Angel dust was quite a strange substance that could only be founded in Devilangia; it is found pretty much everywhere on the valley of cloud and is the result of the fall of angels. A strange shiny powder that was opening the gates of perception and letting its consumers see the world around them differently. It wasn’t really harmful as substance, but too much of anything was always leading to dramatic results. Then after the solitude, Adam decided to take a look around and to see what was happening in Asilia; he started to attend underground gatherings and met a group of elementary angels that were quite different from the others he used to know. The gatherings were formed by free spirits from all the races of angels that believed in equity and diversity. The first person Adam met in the gatherings was Rachelle, a thunder angel with sparky white short hair and sensual forms. Electric was a perfect word to describe Rachelle, she was very energetic and her face was as perfectly shaped as the statues of the old time. When Adam met her, he was tripping on angel dust, so for the first time in years, he decided to establish the contact. Rachelle was there with a friend of her: Mikael, a water angel wearing roundish glasses and with a constant expression of beatitude; like if he was greatly enjoying everything he was seeing or doing. Adam started to hang out more with the two, and as they were doing angel dust as well, all of them were having the same habits. Adam had the chance to meet other angels through Rachelle and Mikael: Savael and Andel, a married couple composed of a wind angel and an earth one. They were both born on the same region and are the product of more cohesion in the organisation of the angels’ society. Adam also met Heal a fire young female angel that was quite charming with her goofy attitude and her trust in her ideals , and Emiel another water angel who was a quite interesting bizarre person; She was also in some sort of way the mascot of the group.

For the first time since a long period,  Adam was feeling great. He finally felt that he was fitting somewhere and this temporary new situation was making him forget about the guilt of letting his obligations go. he was enjoying his little adventures with his new friends and angel dust was making everything easier.

A little while after meeting the group, Adam was introduce to a new person, another angel that he has seen around in Asilia but never had the chance to meet. Her Name was Ashes and she was the only light angel Adam ever met. Of course, he already knew about them: the race of Gabriel; the angels that keep order in heaven and guard the souls of humans. Ashes was one of the rare of her race to be out of Heaven; She was in a newly built city that was a part of the cooperation declaration with the Demon’s empire. The society of demons was still under the rule of dictators at the time she went there, and by a curious coincidence, she happened to be still there when the revolution in the demon’s major cities started. She was deported to Asilia for a limited time and end up entering in contact with the group. The first time Adam saw her, she was having something special to show the group. a strange crimson powder. Mikael was very excited to know more about it, as much as Rachelle and Heal. The three others weren’t that much curious about it, but they decided to try it as well. The substance was commonly called demon’s beard, it was extracted from a plant that was only growing in the demons’ territories. The effects were quite incredible as well; it was different from Angel dust a more soul high.

Adam and the group shared their days for quite a while, but at the end of the year, they all had to go. Saying good bye wasn’t really easy for Adam and the future was still blur for him. Nothing was more improbable for him than to get back to his solitude, without an ounce of certitude…


Interface Short Story First Draft

I decided that the first draft of the interface Short story was too long to be posted here. So instead I put it on deviantart and is acceccible through this link:

The draft will be revised and a final 8000 words draft will be posted as well. Enjoy the reading 🙂

Explanations and other arrangements

A new page is now present on the blog, The Fallen angel official Series list of books. The List contain for now, the title of all the books already present and thought of. The plots of all those books are already designed, what I will do in the future is to put more information about those books, maybe have a detailed summary for each of them and possibly a detailed timeline.

Short Story Preview: Interface

The following is the introduction to a short story I’m working on currently. I will use the short story in a sci fi writing context:

The events of the short story are also happening in the universe of the fallen angel series, somewhere between the events of the first trilogy or The angel’s arc and the regression arc. I will post a detailed record of all the canonic arcs soon in order to make it easier to understand the whole concept and this blog’s chapters and posts.

For now here is the first part of the short story: Interface. I will maybe post the rest as well; until then, enjoy!



It is quite interesting to consider how things can change in a way we can’t expect it. During my whole life, I have been inconsiderate toward the factor of change and I have been its tool. My life was quite simple in the time and still, I wasn’t able to enjoy those moments. I’m a first generation American from a Moroccan father and a British mother; I’ve spent a clear part of my life moving from my native country and the countries of my origin, but all those travels weren’t more to me than a total pain. I never really enjoyed the road; I don’t like the feeling of wait during the long journeys. It’s ironic how some things never change, even now after all what happened, I still hate travels, or at least, the journeys. I had a quite normal childhood, my father was an electric engineer and my mother was a financial jurist. I still wonder what made them live with one another; I never really felt that they had that much in common; however, they never fought, not even once. I would not lie and say that everything was perfect in my life, far from that. When I was in high school I passed through a severe depression, I was into drugs, all kind of drugs, any drugs. And at the time, they were popping out of nowhere. The situation didn’t stay that way, having an authoritarian Moroccan father with the cold logic of engineering and a fearsome layer mother didn’t help my case. They sent me to a military college where I end up hooked to robotics. And I was skilled, so skilled that I end up working for the government before even being graduated. At 25 years old, I’ve been chosen to develop one of the major futuristic technologies, which was still under the seal of secret: The interface. We were six original team members on the project, and we were also the first ones to ever use this technology. The interface was the concrete application of a quite simple idea: what if we stopped using any kind of hardware and we used the human brain as a physical body for our virtual actions. The project was under research for decades before being forgotten in the archives, it’s only when the technology was advanced enough that a team was actually created. Lucky me, I was chosen, and I worked my heart of on the project. I designed the small hardware robots; a really small robots that was able to move autonomously and to drill their way through the tympanic membrane and all the way to the cerebral cortex. The project was a huge success; with the interface, no peace of hardware was necessary: our brains were becoming our computers. The interface was able of greatly enhancing the capacities of human memory and much more other aspects of the human mind. We even created an artificial intelligence program that was interacting directly with the interface holders. The program was called FA61524 and was designed according to the designs of one of the team member: Alphonse, a tall and strong guy with ginger hair and rare social interactions. He was the one to do most of the work on FA61524 and according to him; its personality was inspired by a great figure of the old times. History and legends weren’t really on the list of my preoccupations so I didn’t ask anything else. I still feel nostalgic to the interface, having it completely changed my vision of things. The interface was never made public though, but was only linked to an even bigger project. While we were working on the interface, many countries were cooperating to build the biggest starship ever made; the construction took fifteen years, but the result was worth it. The starship that was called Arc was as big as the island of Manhattan and was able to transport and sustain 500 000 humans in space for a virtually infinite time. The world government were wishing to spread the human race on some possible other habitable planet. The interface holders, our original team of six including me, Alphonse, Yuki a Japanese software developer, Joshua a German Neurosurgeon, Ashley a Canadian Psychologist, and Dayita an Indian biotech engineer were chosen to equip the spaceship members with interface and to rectify anything that would went wrong on board. And so we all joined the travel; once again, I was on a journey, but this time, it was a lifetime one.


Exclusive. Half of the Chapter 1 of the first book of the official series: The six angels’ army

I : The Run

Nothing is more terrifying than the night. For most cultures on earth, the night is the symbol of the disappearance of the light and the time of the demons. Most of those societies have developed ways of putting away their fear of the dark by putting themselves in a state of rest or as they call it sleep. But they all know in the deepest of their heart that the return of the darkness and the night itself are quite strange times.

It was in one of those moonless nights that everything started going wrong. Somewhere in some lost forest of Transylvania, a small group of people were moving quickly. The small group was composed of a man and a woman carrying a pram; and they were terrified. Their faces were pure fear as they were trying to move the fastest possible but also the quietest. Those people were no normal humans, those were lost children of the sky that have flown away from their home, running from everything and trying to keep themselves out of the devil’s eyes.

On the other side of the planet, somewhere in the most hostile region of the United States of America, more exactly in the McKenzie Ranch on the fearfully called Death Valley, two other children of the sky were running for their lives. The two individuals were way younger than the previous crowd. They were a guy and a girl in the beginning of adulthood but their faces were deformed by fear and nothing was remaining from their youth.

–          What should we do Sirius? Asked the girl while stressfully passing her hand on her white shiny hair.

–          I’m Afraid he already knows that we are here. It wasn’t a right move to come to this place knowing that his spies are all around.

–          But Sirius! We have to take the agenda, with it! We will be able to convince the council. With undeniable proofs, the archangels will stop all this madness!

Sirius suddenly stopped responding and clearly expressed to his campaigner to shush. Something was approaching really fast, he was sure about it. And the things that were coming weren’t human at all.

–          Cynthia! He’s coming! I can feel the pressure that his lone presence on this place creates. But that’s not everything! There is a demon’s infantry coming before him, they are probably 20, all level 3 chimera demons!

–          We should get ready then!

–          Agreed!

In a fraction of seconds, both the girl and the guy made a pair of wings appear on their backs. The guy’s wings were crow black while the girl’s ones were ice white. Both of them also made weapons appear in their hands as the guy was holding a long Katana and the girl was having a small round metallic shield and a silver sword.

–          The first five are coming from your left side! Cried Sirius.

Cynthia heard him just at time to move and place her shield in front of her face before it got hit by some huge claws. She jumped back then pushed herself higher in the air with a little wing movement. The two were then able to see their opponents; they were five sorts of half human half animal chimeras like the ones described in the Greek legends but all of them weren’t bigger than regular humans. Sirius went ahead and run in their direction. When he got close enough he took his katana out of its sheath and randomly sliced his opponents. His move cut the arm of one of the chimeras and opened the stomach of another. One of the three remaining chimeras tried to bite Sirius with its lion head, but before it was able to do so, Cynthia came flying and stacked her sword in the head before it attained its aim. The two were bursting with energy and they slaughtered the two remaining chimeras without any doubt or fear. The situation seemed calmer for a bit, but the two haven’t had even the time to get back their breath than the remaining chimeras were already surrounding them.

–          We can’t get out alive with normal attacks anymore. Calmly said Cynthia.

–          We just have to use our other skills then. Responded Sirius.

Cynthia braced then the air with her wing and got some altitude while Sirius started moving really fast around the chimeras.

–          Now?! Yield Cynthia.

–          NOW! Responded Sirius.

Cynthia then held her sword up and as soon as she did it, Dark Clouds began to appear. At the same time Sirius was moving so fast that he stopped being visible and just appeared as a moving shadow moving so fast that it made a sort of dark barrier holding all the chimeras. Cynthia opened then her eyes that were then completely shining and a huge thunder fell directly hitting the chimeras and instantly killing them. She then slowly got to the ground near her companion.

–          There is no more coming Sirius?

–           No. We killed all the chimeras, but I’m afraid something far far worst is coming.

–          You mean…

–          Him…

For a second, the silence laid and nothing but the silence was hearable. But then, in this strange calm a sound of shoes distinctly appeared. A simple sound of someone walking, nothing to be really afraid of; but for the two companions, their fear was at its maximum. The moon wasn’t shining on this cloudy night and from the darkness he appeared. This strange character appeared from the dark wearing a classy red costume; a handsome man with a pale face and a hair darker than the night. This apparently normal man was no one than the devil himself, the fallen archangel of the old times: Lucifer.

–          Well well well! Said the new character. Isn’t it a great night to steal some lives? I see that you already started 20 chimeras in less than 10 minutes, that’s pretty amazing I have to say.

The two companions couldn’t say anything; they were too paralyzed by his presence only.

–          I’m afraid your lives will be taken as well. He simply said. It’s the end of the road for both of you, my dear angels and others will pay with their lives as well. The night is still long and there is so much to do.

Sirius ended up losing his calm. He run as a shadow in the direction of Lucifer, with his katana out and he didn’t miss his target. Sirius sliced the head of the devil in two and got back to his position as fast as he left it. But Lucifer didn’t fall, no blood got out of his sliced head but only a sort of dark flask liquid that stayed in the air. Lucifer then started to laugh a laughter that no insane man on earth can laugh like; a laughter that freezes your blood and blows up your mind.

–          You really thought that will work? Son of Azrael! I can’t die, my body in this world is eternal, and I have lived so long that I have been dreaming of the death. Do you understand?! If I was able to die, I would leave this place to the world I belong to, but I’m cursed to an eternal exile where not even death can save me! I’ve been in this world since its very beginning when god himself has never been in sight. And this face that you ruined, do you really think that it’s my real face?

The black liquid surrounded Lucifer’s head and melted with it making to the devil a brand new face as pale as the previous one.

–          I’ve been so long in this place that I have lost my real face a long time ago. This liquid that you see enable me to take any form I want, but I’ve been alive for so long that I have forgotten what I really look like. My original self is a vestige from the past, a rotting corps in an ocean of black liquid. You have to die, children of the sky, there is no other alternative.

Lucifer moved his hand and some of the liquid surrounded the two companions and attached them to a big rock. Lucifer then clapped his other hand and two flakes of liquid formed two sharp picks that flied in front of Cynthia’s and Sirius’s faces.

–          Don’t be sad, you two will leave this world for a better one. I envy you and I wished I was in your place, but that’s the way it is.

Lucifer turned around and walked away from the stone, two screams resounded in the desert and blood splashed on Lucifer’s costume. The blood melted with the costume and became a part of its red while the black liquid surrounded Lucifer and he disappeared in the night as suddenly as he appeared.

Chapter 0: Genesis

In the beginning, only darkness was present. An ocean of silence in the middle of nowhere. Existence as a state wasn’t existing and nothing ever was. There was nothing for a very long time while time itself wasn’t meaning anything, but then something went terribly wrong… The silence was broken for the very first time. No one really knows why it happened, but it did and it never stopped since. Sounds were appearing crafting the melody of time. With time came motion and with motion came matter. The universe was born but no one ever knew why, it just popped from chaos. In those times when the world was still new, it was said that the Adam Kadamon was the first to appear. first sight of life in an empty world. The Adam Kadamon didn’t move for millions and millions of year, forming the spiritual and physical center of a newly formed Galaxy. Many thousands of years later appeared the first premise of civilization; an ancient race of winged people that formed a perfect society. This first world has nothing to do with earth as we know it, it was a more ancient structure of space, in another layer of reality. The angels were leaving peacefully, guided by the council of the Archangels. The council was composed of six archangels and all of them were under the orders of The seventh archangel and president of the council: Lucifer. If Lucifer’s aspirations weren’t that high for the whole of his race, The world of the angels and ours as well would be much more calm; however, Lucifer was dreaming big. After centuries of reign and prosperity, the angels discovered the Adam Kadamon and carefully studied him. They understood how big was his power and wasn’t sure of what to do. Lucifer wasn’t that unsure and already knew exactly what would be the best to take of the Adam Kadamon’s powers in order to greatly improve the angel’s world. But the council wasn’t able to make a final decision and the votes were always equal. Lucifer waited and waited but non of the other archangels was sure of what to do and Lucifer decided to act. Gabriel was against the use of the Adam Kadamon and persuaded four of the others to join his cause. Azrael was the only archangel to step in Lucifer’s favor. The archangel banned Lucifer from his position of head of the council and tried to stop him from acting. Lucifer then started an open war against the council, known as the first war of the angels. Many chose to join Lucifer and with his army, they decided to deny their angelic nature and became the first fallen angels, the first demons. The war took many lives and continued for centuries, but the angels under the new council’s guidance ended up winning the war. Lucifer lost; his plans failed because of the very nature of the transformation him and his army passed through. By becoming demons, their potential was unleashed; however, only Lucifer, Azrael and some other powerful angels kept their instincts under control. The majority of the demons legion were creatures of pure instinct that weren’t able of any rational choice or action. Lucifer was captured by the angels. It was the personal paladin of the archangel Raphael-Cid-that trapped him and took him to the council. Lucifer was judged and sent to the new world that started to hatch life in another layer of reality: Earth. The Cherubs, the engineers of the angel’s world designed an immortal body for Lucifer, in order to keep him from getting back to his world through death and created the door of angels, a gateway protected by an artificial consciousness that was applying specific rules for the transitions between worlds. The door was applying one major protocol; only those who already know where it is can find it in the human’s world. the angels that would be born on earth and would like to get to the door must pass through a spiritual journey where they need to achieve six tasks in order to get to it. No other exceptions are possible. Lucifer didn’t pass through the door but was pushed in the lake of reconceptions where his body dissolved and his soul was pushed through the newly formed continent of death. His soul was the first one to ever pass through the way of reincarnation where it was sent to his newly built body. Lucifer was then sealed, forced to live eternally in a world where life was in its very first steps…