Chapter 0: Genesis

In the beginning, only darkness was present. An ocean of silence in the middle of nowhere. Existence as a state wasn’t existing and nothing ever was. There was nothing for a very long time while time itself wasn’t meaning anything, but then something went terribly wrong… The silence was broken for the very first time. No one really knows why it happened, but it did and it never stopped since. Sounds were appearing crafting the melody of time. With time came motion and with motion came matter. The universe was born but no one ever knew why, it just popped from chaos. In those times when the world was still new, it was said that the Adam Kadamon was the first to appear. first sight of life in an empty world. The Adam Kadamon didn’t move for millions and millions of year, forming the spiritual and physical center of a newly formed Galaxy. Many thousands of years later appeared the first premise of civilization; an ancient race of winged people that formed a perfect society. This first world has nothing to do with earth as we know it, it was a more ancient structure of space, in another layer of reality. The angels were leaving peacefully, guided by the council of the Archangels. The council was composed of six archangels and all of them were under the orders of The seventh archangel and president of the council: Lucifer. If Lucifer’s aspirations weren’t that high for the whole of his race, The world of the angels and ours as well would be much more calm; however, Lucifer was dreaming big. After centuries of reign and prosperity, the angels discovered the Adam Kadamon and carefully studied him. They understood how big was his power and wasn’t sure of what to do. Lucifer wasn’t that unsure and already knew exactly what would be the best to take of the Adam Kadamon’s powers in order to greatly improve the angel’s world. But the council wasn’t able to make a final decision and the votes were always equal. Lucifer waited and waited but non of the other archangels was sure of what to do and Lucifer decided to act. Gabriel was against the use of the Adam Kadamon and persuaded four of the others to join his cause. Azrael was the only archangel to step in Lucifer’s favor. The archangel banned Lucifer from his position of head of the council and tried to stop him from acting. Lucifer then started an open war against the council, known as the first war of the angels. Many chose to join Lucifer and with his army, they decided to deny their angelic nature and became the first fallen angels, the first demons. The war took many lives and continued for centuries, but the angels under the new council’s guidance ended up winning the war. Lucifer lost; his plans failed because of the very nature of the transformation him and his army passed through. By becoming demons, their potential was unleashed; however, only Lucifer, Azrael and some other powerful angels kept their instincts under control. The majority of the demons legion were creatures of pure instinct that weren’t able of any rational choice or action. Lucifer was captured by the angels. It was the personal paladin of the archangel Raphael-Cid-that trapped him and took him to the council. Lucifer was judged and sent to the new world that started to hatch life in another layer of reality: Earth. The Cherubs, the engineers of the angel’s world designed an immortal body for Lucifer, in order to keep him from getting back to his world through death and created the door of angels, a gateway protected by an artificial consciousness that was applying specific rules for the transitions between worlds. The door was applying one major protocol; only those who already know where it is can find it in the human’s world. the angels that would be born on earth and would like to get to the door must pass through a spiritual journey where they need to achieve six tasks in order to get to it. No other exceptions are possible. Lucifer didn’t pass through the door but was pushed in the lake of reconceptions where his body dissolved and his soul was pushed through the newly formed continent of death. His soul was the first one to ever pass through the way of reincarnation where it was sent to his newly built body. Lucifer was then sealed, forced to live eternally in a world where life was in its very first steps…


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