Exclusive. Half of the Chapter 1 of the first book of the official series: The six angels’ army

I : The Run

Nothing is more terrifying than the night. For most cultures on earth, the night is the symbol of the disappearance of the light and the time of the demons. Most of those societies have developed ways of putting away their fear of the dark by putting themselves in a state of rest or as they call it sleep. But they all know in the deepest of their heart that the return of the darkness and the night itself are quite strange times.

It was in one of those moonless nights that everything started going wrong. Somewhere in some lost forest of Transylvania, a small group of people were moving quickly. The small group was composed of a man and a woman carrying a pram; and they were terrified. Their faces were pure fear as they were trying to move the fastest possible but also the quietest. Those people were no normal humans, those were lost children of the sky that have flown away from their home, running from everything and trying to keep themselves out of the devil’s eyes.

On the other side of the planet, somewhere in the most hostile region of the United States of America, more exactly in the McKenzie Ranch on the fearfully called Death Valley, two other children of the sky were running for their lives. The two individuals were way younger than the previous crowd. They were a guy and a girl in the beginning of adulthood but their faces were deformed by fear and nothing was remaining from their youth.

–          What should we do Sirius? Asked the girl while stressfully passing her hand on her white shiny hair.

–          I’m Afraid he already knows that we are here. It wasn’t a right move to come to this place knowing that his spies are all around.

–          But Sirius! We have to take the agenda, with it! We will be able to convince the council. With undeniable proofs, the archangels will stop all this madness!

Sirius suddenly stopped responding and clearly expressed to his campaigner to shush. Something was approaching really fast, he was sure about it. And the things that were coming weren’t human at all.

–          Cynthia! He’s coming! I can feel the pressure that his lone presence on this place creates. But that’s not everything! There is a demon’s infantry coming before him, they are probably 20, all level 3 chimera demons!

–          We should get ready then!

–          Agreed!

In a fraction of seconds, both the girl and the guy made a pair of wings appear on their backs. The guy’s wings were crow black while the girl’s ones were ice white. Both of them also made weapons appear in their hands as the guy was holding a long Katana and the girl was having a small round metallic shield and a silver sword.

–          The first five are coming from your left side! Cried Sirius.

Cynthia heard him just at time to move and place her shield in front of her face before it got hit by some huge claws. She jumped back then pushed herself higher in the air with a little wing movement. The two were then able to see their opponents; they were five sorts of half human half animal chimeras like the ones described in the Greek legends but all of them weren’t bigger than regular humans. Sirius went ahead and run in their direction. When he got close enough he took his katana out of its sheath and randomly sliced his opponents. His move cut the arm of one of the chimeras and opened the stomach of another. One of the three remaining chimeras tried to bite Sirius with its lion head, but before it was able to do so, Cynthia came flying and stacked her sword in the head before it attained its aim. The two were bursting with energy and they slaughtered the two remaining chimeras without any doubt or fear. The situation seemed calmer for a bit, but the two haven’t had even the time to get back their breath than the remaining chimeras were already surrounding them.

–          We can’t get out alive with normal attacks anymore. Calmly said Cynthia.

–          We just have to use our other skills then. Responded Sirius.

Cynthia braced then the air with her wing and got some altitude while Sirius started moving really fast around the chimeras.

–          Now?! Yield Cynthia.

–          NOW! Responded Sirius.

Cynthia then held her sword up and as soon as she did it, Dark Clouds began to appear. At the same time Sirius was moving so fast that he stopped being visible and just appeared as a moving shadow moving so fast that it made a sort of dark barrier holding all the chimeras. Cynthia opened then her eyes that were then completely shining and a huge thunder fell directly hitting the chimeras and instantly killing them. She then slowly got to the ground near her companion.

–          There is no more coming Sirius?

–           No. We killed all the chimeras, but I’m afraid something far far worst is coming.

–          You mean…

–          Him…

For a second, the silence laid and nothing but the silence was hearable. But then, in this strange calm a sound of shoes distinctly appeared. A simple sound of someone walking, nothing to be really afraid of; but for the two companions, their fear was at its maximum. The moon wasn’t shining on this cloudy night and from the darkness he appeared. This strange character appeared from the dark wearing a classy red costume; a handsome man with a pale face and a hair darker than the night. This apparently normal man was no one than the devil himself, the fallen archangel of the old times: Lucifer.

–          Well well well! Said the new character. Isn’t it a great night to steal some lives? I see that you already started 20 chimeras in less than 10 minutes, that’s pretty amazing I have to say.

The two companions couldn’t say anything; they were too paralyzed by his presence only.

–          I’m afraid your lives will be taken as well. He simply said. It’s the end of the road for both of you, my dear angels and others will pay with their lives as well. The night is still long and there is so much to do.

Sirius ended up losing his calm. He run as a shadow in the direction of Lucifer, with his katana out and he didn’t miss his target. Sirius sliced the head of the devil in two and got back to his position as fast as he left it. But Lucifer didn’t fall, no blood got out of his sliced head but only a sort of dark flask liquid that stayed in the air. Lucifer then started to laugh a laughter that no insane man on earth can laugh like; a laughter that freezes your blood and blows up your mind.

–          You really thought that will work? Son of Azrael! I can’t die, my body in this world is eternal, and I have lived so long that I have been dreaming of the death. Do you understand?! If I was able to die, I would leave this place to the world I belong to, but I’m cursed to an eternal exile where not even death can save me! I’ve been in this world since its very beginning when god himself has never been in sight. And this face that you ruined, do you really think that it’s my real face?

The black liquid surrounded Lucifer’s head and melted with it making to the devil a brand new face as pale as the previous one.

–          I’ve been so long in this place that I have lost my real face a long time ago. This liquid that you see enable me to take any form I want, but I’ve been alive for so long that I have forgotten what I really look like. My original self is a vestige from the past, a rotting corps in an ocean of black liquid. You have to die, children of the sky, there is no other alternative.

Lucifer moved his hand and some of the liquid surrounded the two companions and attached them to a big rock. Lucifer then clapped his other hand and two flakes of liquid formed two sharp picks that flied in front of Cynthia’s and Sirius’s faces.

–          Don’t be sad, you two will leave this world for a better one. I envy you and I wished I was in your place, but that’s the way it is.

Lucifer turned around and walked away from the stone, two screams resounded in the desert and blood splashed on Lucifer’s costume. The blood melted with the costume and became a part of its red while the black liquid surrounded Lucifer and he disappeared in the night as suddenly as he appeared.


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