Chapter 5: Back to the Dark Ages

The Universe is ridiculously big, but ridiculously repetitive. Far far from earth, life is evolving in quite similar patterns, and passes through the same phases evolving just slightly differently and permitting to some scenarios to get concrete. The example of the Planet Doulos is quite similar to Earth, but end up disastrously. Doulos had the same basic evolution of earth permitting to a race quite similar to the human race to evolve in the same way we did; those people passed through history and evolved to have agriculture, metallurgy, civilization, wars, and economy. Economy was the reason of their doom. The people of Doulos got really affected by this new technological tool that evolved quite quickly to become an end in itself. Through the medium of money, People of Doulos created a whole structure based on the basic motivation of amassment of currency and their whole society became obsessed by only producing new means to make money out of nothing. Paradoxically, another structure appeared on Doulos that was called the Network. The Network was a new medium of information exchange more revolutionary than the old ones privately owned and only based on the passive reception of information. The network was a user friendly interface connecting all the monitors to the global Network and making them able to create and instantly respond to information. The Network was at the basis only an experiment to see the potential of the median transfer of information through the invisible structure of the network, but its creators built something overwhelming their own goals. The network was powerful enough to handle the majority of Doulos’ population and it became a transcending way of communicating and perceiving life. Everything was good on Doulos for a few years, and then everything started to fall. The slaves of the currency became more powerful and developed new ways of acquiring much more money in less time. But the whole economic structure felt and the crisis set up in all Doulos, A crisis like the planet never had before. The crisis was radically changing the way of life of all the habitants of the planet and the big corporations and lobbies that were already controlling the basic flow of economy started to lose a lot of their assets. In a fear of Bankrupt, they started to think what can be the best investment that would get them out of troubles. A simple answer appeared. Prisons! The big corporations were losing a lot in having regular people to work for them and they needed to produce the maximum to get the economy back to its normal regime by pushing people to consume. Prisons were like golden pots where they would have free labor to produce even more products and flow the market to get people to consume again. So they all met and started to think how they could get the maximum of people in prison to generate a potentially interesting working mass. They turned to judge the network and with the old information media they decided to take it down. During that time, the continent of Kentro was the most influent in Doulos and most of the biggest corporations were set up there. They decided to attack the network from their by influencing the laws and regulations in disfavor of the network, accusing it of plagiarism and getting the direct authority to get it down. The people of the network were furious, but they weren’t organized enough. Some of them saw the fall coming and decided to flee, they were the rare one to get out of troubles; for most of the others, they just continued to use the network without caring, thinking that it was absurd that their authorities would do anything. They were so wrong, the Kentro government started the hostilities a few time before the official passage of the laws, and took down a giant of the network: Titanus. Titanus was a platform of free exchange and the Kentro government used the motive of ownership rights infringement to attack them even while they were located out of Kentro. They also took all their records and all their hardware as evidence of the fraud. People reacted hard to the news and the users of the networked started destroying the corporations’ properties on the network. It was the beginning of the first and only invisible war of Doulos: The war of the network.

Many of the corporations’ platforms on the network felt by the attack and the users though that they were winning, the Kentro government pulled down one of its laws against the network but kept others less appearing and their aim was attained. All over Doulos, other countries started adopting similar laws all in profit of the corporations. With the record of the Titanus, the Kentro government had the list of all the users that ever committed ownership rights infringements and they were a lot, more than 30% of Doulos population. With those records, and the official application of the new laws, the corporations had full right to imprison a big part of the Doulos population using them as free labor. Meanwhile, Doulos had its first contact with an outside corporation of life forms from different other planets that took an interest in what was happening there. The corporation passed laws in order to imprison all what remains of Doulos population for motives related to the network and became space businessmen directly passing laws to treat with the other races. Doulos then became a prison planet where all the partner planets were dumping their lots of criminals and misfits and they were all used as free labor for the corporations in their transactions with the other planets. The population of Doulos and the prisoners of the cohalition were making all the cheap products for the population of the other planets. Things changed eventually, but that’s another story…


The Fallen Angel Series Hoodie 1.0

The following are the pictures of an official Fallen Angel Series hoodie made specially following the designs of a character hoodie. The symbol on it is the Logo of an organisation in the books called Arcadia and the character having the same hoodie is working with them. The circular logos are the symbol of the time angels that are a part of a much bigger time traveler community in the universe of the three sagas.

Chapter 4: The Soul Factory of Mr. Grey

The story of the universe is absurd; as absurd as any story of any kind. From its very beginning the Universe was a pretty empty place that appeared out of nothing from a day to another. Before the Universe the only things existing –if we can even assert them a state of existence- were the silence and the void. So the only things to fill were the absence of space and time.

When the universe first appeared, the event didn’t really produce anything more than pretty landscapes through matter distribution, silence was still present in many of its parts. The silence broke though with the apparition of motion, and time started appearing nearly everywhere. Once things started to move and to be subject to the new phenomenon of time, they began to change and evolve trying new combinations and new ways of being. The phenomenon end up creating the most curious of all systems: Life.

Life was first a discontinuous phenomenon that was occurring and quickly disappearing, the first ‘living’ things weren’t really able to sustain themselves and they all end up recycled in the huge dumpster that the universe is; however, life was evolving as any other thing around and it developed a redoubtable way of keeping on existing: The soul.

It is said that souls -the inner intrinsic save of any life- were generated through the last big remains of void by life itself. Souls were then a sort of technological addition to the vaster phenomenon of life; but things evolved even more and souls have become the very essence of life, making the other aspects of it only contributing elements to the eternal journey of any soul.

Human life is a mere example of this much larger phenomenon, and as all the other schemas of life through the universe, it evolved in the same way. Many people think that the Adam Kadamon was the first living organism in our region of the universe; this assertion is not completely true. Life existed before him, but in a way so simplistic that it’s rarely recognized as being life; The Adam Kadamon on the other hand was the first and maybe best prototype of soul equipped life. Its existence alone was tremendously important as he was the source of the souls that got to life and formed life as we know it now. The Adam Kadamon’s soul was at the origin of the angels’ souls. The angels were the first livings to build civilization in our region of the universe; the first race to transcend the basic states of existence as an incoherent process through the use of consciousness.  But even then they weren’t as complex as the Adam Kadamon that appeared ages before them.

Through their history, many angels wanted to reproduce the creation of life; to synthesize it. But they had to go through eras to get the knowledge of creation. Knowing the through essence of life put them in a fear that paralyzed their attempts to reproduce the phenomenon. They got so scared that all what was exceeding their actual style of life became taboo and their society became frozen in time. One attempt to destroy the taboo was the one of Lucifer; he was considered for ages as the personification of evil for the mere reason that he pursued an even greater want of knowledge. When he lost the essence of the Adam Kadamon, he acquired the knowledge of the void and wanted to access the last remains of this pre-existential substance in order to create life from nothing. His attempts were however stopped and he got back to his purgatory, but that’s another story.

Lucifer interest for the void wasn’t the first major taboo breaking through the angels’ history and way before the first war and the fall of the seventh Archangel, someone else was interested in the knowledge of the Void. During the golden age of the angels when the Archangels’ council was still having seven members, another Angel, a Cherub of the Steel angels was also able to attain the state of Archangel but never joined the council. His name was Mikkel Grey, and he attained the Archangel-hood by scarifying himself for the sake of his quest for the lost knowledge; instead of dying and joining the ocean of the collective consciousness, he became a shadow archangel; an archangel that got his status by defending his own Interest rather than by complete compassion for someone else. Mr. Grey as everybody used to call him acquired by that act the knowledge of the void and the essence of the absence of everything. He then moved from the central continent to what became the earth of the devils and lived alone for years, dedicating his days to his experiments. He was trying to synthesize the void, and failed so many times, but ended up succeeding. His years of dedication produced a single drop of pure void; a very small amount that was powerful enough to create brand new souls. The archangel council wasn’t really advance in their knowledge of the void at that time and Lucifer was still having no intention of getting the power of the Adam Kadamon. It all happened before the beginning of Taboos when the angels were still searching to know and understand the nature of the world that was around them. During those ages, Mr. Grey generated the first humanoid specimens: beings extremely similar to angels but without any particular powers. The continent Mr. Grey was living in, the actual devils continent started to be populated with those new synthetic beings -the proof of the power of the void; the angels used to call them humans- and the angels used to call the place the soul factory of Mr. Grey.

The Humans that Mr. Grey created lived for two centuries when a curious phenomenon started to happen. They started to do things that were against their very nature and started to be dangerous and cruel among each others. Mr. Grey tried to stop them but all his efforts lead to nothing; nothing more than the annihilation of the race. Mr. Grey was destroyed by the failure of his experiment and was failing under the remorse of doing such a horrible thing. He created an organization to seal the knowledge of the void and stop anybody from acceding to it and created the Taboos. His shadow organization disappeared among the angel’s race and existed in a total transparency. He dissolved the void drop into the lake of conceptions which generated a whole new layer of reality that slowly evolved until becoming earth as we know it, populated with less radical humans and the two realities started to link. The reality about earth’s origin disappeared with Mr. Grey shortly after those events…

Chapter 3: Peter Died

“I don’t know how this happened, but it happened and now it’s too late. I’m the last one and he will come for me as he came for the others. He will never stop trying until his plan is complete. I’m afraid that anything we might try to do will only make the inevitable come faster. I have no regrets though, I had a great life, great memories and I knew what many people have searched for years: Love. Now I’m going to join her and everything will be fine…”

Those were the words written by an old man in a cheap Motel somewhere in Nigeria. He never finished his message, and he never revealed who was the mysterious man.  Peter, who was far far from home, was an old German man considered by many as one of the greatest minds of his era. He was one of the greatest physicians earth ever had, some considered him as far better than Einstein, or Hawking. He worked for the CERN for years and won three Nobel prizes in Physics.  And now he was there, all afraid and shacking. He felt a little breeze on the back of his head and turned; his heart almost stopped of surprise when he saw him in the room.

–          How…how did you get here? Asked the old man. The room is closed and I didn’t hear anything.

The man was wearing a grey hoodie that was completely shading his face, making his facial features impossible to see. The number 9 in red on the upper left side was the only thing noticeable on the hoodie. He was sitting in a chair, in the middle of the room with his arms crossed, all silent.

–          You are here to kill me right? Like you killed the others!

The man stood up then and simply said:

–          It doesn’t have to be this way.

–          What do you want? Asked the old man.

–          Don’t try to fool me old man! You know exactly what I want.

The man screamed those last words, his voice at the moment seemed to the German as the most terrifying thing he ever heard.

–          The partition… That’s what you want. Said the Physician with a shacking voice.

–          I want to know how to get to it.

–          You can’t get to the partition! Your presence on its place would greatly alter time! The whole Universe can collapse!

–          Doctor doctor doctor! Said the man laughing. You are brilliant, but you are still way ignorant to comprehend the nature of time. Only earth is concerned by the partition.

–          What do you mean?! Time is universal!

–          You are not in position to lecture me about time! This little chat is taking way too much of mine.

The man moved toward the German, but the old man started to talk:

–          Wait… Please! I’ll tell you all I know! Please don’t kill me.

The man returned to the chair and sit, facing the old man.

–          Pathetic Humans. He said with a sort of disgust in the tone. I’m listening!

–          The partition of time is in another version of this reality, an alternative one that formed in the center of the different multiverses. It is at the source of everything, hidden behind the fabric of time and space…

The man left his seat and approached the German, he then whispered in his ear:

–          How do I get there?

–          I… I don’t know! Screamed the German.

The man then went away from him and turned his back laughing

–          You don’t know. HAHA. YOU DON’T KNOW. He screamed.

He then turned back and introduced all his hand into the old man’s chest. The way he did it was spontaneous, his hand went all in without any resistance and seemed like absorbed. No trace of blood appeared on the chest; however, the German coughed and spat a considerable quantity of red crimson liquid.

–          My hand is around your heart at this exact moment. I can feel every palpitation, and a small contraction-the German screamed- can put an end to your miserable existence. I’m going to repeat it only once: How can we get there?!

–          Rifts! Splat the German. Rifts in…

–          RIFTS IN WHAT?!

–          Space…and time fabric…

–          Good bye doctor. Simply said the mysterious man.

At that moment, the old German’s heart exploded under the pressure of the man’s hand.  Just before dying, the old German saw the face of his killer. It resulted in making his face ripped by horror during the last seconds of his life. The man got his hand out of the old man’s chest; they were no marks what so ever of any contact between him and the German’s organs. In a fraction of seconds, he wasn’t there anymore. That day, one of the greatest minds of human history was murdered. That day, Peter died…

Chapter 2: Fresh as Water

Plain City, Ohio is one of those little town where nothing ever happens. The city is mainly composed of suburb houses almost all similar one to the other, and the downtown is ridiculously small. Almost all the people living there have simple lives, and care more about the next softball game than anything from the outside.  But there was one exception in the lot; a young girl that was meant to an extraordinary destiny…

Faith was born and spent nearly all her life in Plain City; she never really wanted from that simple life and was always dreaming to travel around and to see the world. She was feeling that she has a lot to offer to the world as a person, and her life in Plain City was only a waste of her potential and a barrier to her dreams. But eventually, things didn’t stay this way for too long.

Faith left Plain city for College and successfully graduated in Journalism, She then left for New York and got a job as an investigation reporter for the New York Time. When she first arrived to New York, she felt that a new life was beginning for her with new perspectives  and opportunities; and she wasn’t wrong about it. Her life did change indeed as she was the subject of a quite strange phenomenon.

During this period of the beginning of the 21st century, some parts of the human population were subjects to strange mutations. The phenomenon was still quite limited at the time, and Faith was one of those early mutants. It all happened during the first week she arrived at New York, she was then living in a small apartment in the Queens and was spending her days searching for a job. One night she was taking a shower when she felt that the water wasn’t having the same contact with her skin; she felt that the sensation was completely different so she stopped the water. She then saw all the drops quickly melting with her skin, like absorbed. She didn’t really understood the first time and didn’t give to the phenomenon any attention, but something even stranger happened the next day. When she woke up, she directly went to take a glass of water, but when she opened the tap, the water refused to go into the glass; instead, it started to float into the air, going in the direction of Faith’s sight. Her reaction was quite normal in view of the situation; she dropped the glass and freaked out. Her quick and strong surprise panicked her which made her body react in a weird way; she was starting to liquefy. In no time, she was completely turned into water; it was the strangest feeling ever for Faith, like being born again and feeling all the surrounding in every little drop of her new being. She was also able to move easily and to float in the air. Being near water made her feel it as well and she absorbed feeling each new drop as a new extension of her self. But it didn’t last long and she quickly switched back to her original form.

Once back to the flesh, she was knowing how to do it; it was like a new capacity that she was able to perform as easily as walking or moving her arms. She didn’t really understood why it happened but she just acknowledge it. Being completely transformed into water gave her a brand new perspective of what she was able to perform and she just accepted it as we accept to walk or to talk, and she decided that until having very good reasons, she wasn’t having to tell anybody about it.

Few months after she began in the New York Time, she was assigned to investigate on a series of abductions that was simultaneously performed in New York, and many other Cities all around America. The abductions were very various as the people aimed weren’t identical or forming a pattern; the only common denominator between all the cases was the culprits them selves. Many witnesses have affirmed that those people were publicly kidnapped in random areas and times by masked people wearing black clothes with a red X on the left shoulder. But the kidnappings were all done in improbable areas where the police is not present; they started many years ago and were still present at the time. The frequency between each kidnapping wasn’t stable and the kidnappers weren’t leaving any traces behind them which made it impossible for the police, the FBI or the CIA to catch them. They were ghost, appearing quickly to abduct and disappearing without leaving any trace.  The FBI used to call them the red cross ghosts, and recently there activity was becoming more frequent. Faith started her investigation in New York but just one month later, the reports showed that the activity of the red cross ghosts has dramatically increased in LA. Faith convinced her superiors to go investigate there, and two days later she was in a plane for LA.

Faith was really happy to have such a case for her first report, and she was really enjoying the travel that it involved. Since she was a kid, she always wanted to visit the city of Angels, and she was finally there for real. She took the first day to enjoy being in the city before starting her investigation. It was really sunny that day and she went to all the places she wanted to see: Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard, the Los Angeles Central Library and many other places. But something that she wouldn’t think possible happened; she saw the red cross ghosts, and they were coming for her. Everything became clear in her head in the few seconds between the moment she saw them and the moment it was too late. It was people like her that they were aiming, people with those new capacities. The red cross ghost took her and put a bag on her head; they then went into a dark alley, but they weren’t alone there. While they stopped for a moment, something started to move on the walls, a shadow that approached the ghosts. It didn’t take them long to perceive the presence and one of them unsheathed a gun and started shooting in the shadow. He missed it as it was moving faster and directly went under him. Once the shadow was under his feet, he felt into it  like absorbed. The ghosts that was keeping faith trowed her aside and with the remaining ghost tried to shoot the shadow as well, but they quickly end up like their mate. absorbed into the darkness. The shadow moved then to a wall and became larger, then started to take a more multidimensional shape until it completely turned into a young man with long black hair.  He then got the bag out of Faith’s head.

– Who are you? Asked faith. And, where are the red cross ghosts?

-You can call me Nightmare, You’ll understand that someone that could get rid of governmental task forces can’t reveal his name, or at least not now.

-Governmental task forces! You mean that the red cross ghosts work for the government? This is insane! The police, the FBI and the CIA are tracking them!

– I can understand that it’s hard to believe, but just think. They were active for years, and never not even one of them was caught.

– But they leave no traces!

– They were kidnapping people in public, in broad day, with tons of people around. They were never caught because they were never meant to be caught. Like an urban legend, striking and leaving rumors. You might know by now who they are aiming.

Faith chocked, everything in this man’s discourse was insane, but this thing that happened to her was more insane than anything before and she thought that after all, it might be possible.

– Do you know why we have those powers? simply asked Faith.

– We are what we can call mutants. Our DNA is different from the majority of the other humans. The reasons of those alterations are still unknown to me as well.

– How do you know that?

Nightmare stayed silent for a moment than answered :

– I know because they kidnapped me, a very long time ago. At the time I was only six, but many of us escaped recently. That’s why they are more active than ever. They are trying to get all of us before we become too strong, but too bad for them, the revolution is already on.

– Will they come again for me? Asked Faith.

– They won’t leave any of us, and as long as we are by our own, we are vulnerable…

Faith then started to think quickly. She wasn’t knowing that man, what if he was also with them?

– Show me what you can do.

Nightmare smiled and moved to the wall of the alley. His right hand became completely black and he used it to touch the wall. The black of his hand went into  the wall and formed a large circle of nearly two meters wild.

– Well this is… interesting said Faith.

-It’s not all, this is a portal. Another one similar is now on the wall of the mutant fugitives Headquarter. So what do you think? Do you want to Join the revolution? You can’t hide alone much long anyway.

Faith then Just closed her eyes and went into the shadow circle. Nightmare went after her and the circle disappeared in the night…