Chapter 3: Peter Died

“I don’t know how this happened, but it happened and now it’s too late. I’m the last one and he will come for me as he came for the others. He will never stop trying until his plan is complete. I’m afraid that anything we might try to do will only make the inevitable come faster. I have no regrets though, I had a great life, great memories and I knew what many people have searched for years: Love. Now I’m going to join her and everything will be fine…”

Those were the words written by an old man in a cheap Motel somewhere in Nigeria. He never finished his message, and he never revealed who was the mysterious man.  Peter, who was far far from home, was an old German man considered by many as one of the greatest minds of his era. He was one of the greatest physicians earth ever had, some considered him as far better than Einstein, or Hawking. He worked for the CERN for years and won three Nobel prizes in Physics.  And now he was there, all afraid and shacking. He felt a little breeze on the back of his head and turned; his heart almost stopped of surprise when he saw him in the room.

–          How…how did you get here? Asked the old man. The room is closed and I didn’t hear anything.

The man was wearing a grey hoodie that was completely shading his face, making his facial features impossible to see. The number 9 in red on the upper left side was the only thing noticeable on the hoodie. He was sitting in a chair, in the middle of the room with his arms crossed, all silent.

–          You are here to kill me right? Like you killed the others!

The man stood up then and simply said:

–          It doesn’t have to be this way.

–          What do you want? Asked the old man.

–          Don’t try to fool me old man! You know exactly what I want.

The man screamed those last words, his voice at the moment seemed to the German as the most terrifying thing he ever heard.

–          The partition… That’s what you want. Said the Physician with a shacking voice.

–          I want to know how to get to it.

–          You can’t get to the partition! Your presence on its place would greatly alter time! The whole Universe can collapse!

–          Doctor doctor doctor! Said the man laughing. You are brilliant, but you are still way ignorant to comprehend the nature of time. Only earth is concerned by the partition.

–          What do you mean?! Time is universal!

–          You are not in position to lecture me about time! This little chat is taking way too much of mine.

The man moved toward the German, but the old man started to talk:

–          Wait… Please! I’ll tell you all I know! Please don’t kill me.

The man returned to the chair and sit, facing the old man.

–          Pathetic Humans. He said with a sort of disgust in the tone. I’m listening!

–          The partition of time is in another version of this reality, an alternative one that formed in the center of the different multiverses. It is at the source of everything, hidden behind the fabric of time and space…

The man left his seat and approached the German, he then whispered in his ear:

–          How do I get there?

–          I… I don’t know! Screamed the German.

The man then went away from him and turned his back laughing

–          You don’t know. HAHA. YOU DON’T KNOW. He screamed.

He then turned back and introduced all his hand into the old man’s chest. The way he did it was spontaneous, his hand went all in without any resistance and seemed like absorbed. No trace of blood appeared on the chest; however, the German coughed and spat a considerable quantity of red crimson liquid.

–          My hand is around your heart at this exact moment. I can feel every palpitation, and a small contraction-the German screamed- can put an end to your miserable existence. I’m going to repeat it only once: How can we get there?!

–          Rifts! Splat the German. Rifts in…

–          RIFTS IN WHAT?!

–          Space…and time fabric…

–          Good bye doctor. Simply said the mysterious man.

At that moment, the old German’s heart exploded under the pressure of the man’s hand.  Just before dying, the old German saw the face of his killer. It resulted in making his face ripped by horror during the last seconds of his life. The man got his hand out of the old man’s chest; they were no marks what so ever of any contact between him and the German’s organs. In a fraction of seconds, he wasn’t there anymore. That day, one of the greatest minds of human history was murdered. That day, Peter died…


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