Chapter 4: The Soul Factory of Mr. Grey

The story of the universe is absurd; as absurd as any story of any kind. From its very beginning the Universe was a pretty empty place that appeared out of nothing from a day to another. Before the Universe the only things existing –if we can even assert them a state of existence- were the silence and the void. So the only things to fill were the absence of space and time.

When the universe first appeared, the event didn’t really produce anything more than pretty landscapes through matter distribution, silence was still present in many of its parts. The silence broke though with the apparition of motion, and time started appearing nearly everywhere. Once things started to move and to be subject to the new phenomenon of time, they began to change and evolve trying new combinations and new ways of being. The phenomenon end up creating the most curious of all systems: Life.

Life was first a discontinuous phenomenon that was occurring and quickly disappearing, the first ‘living’ things weren’t really able to sustain themselves and they all end up recycled in the huge dumpster that the universe is; however, life was evolving as any other thing around and it developed a redoubtable way of keeping on existing: The soul.

It is said that souls -the inner intrinsic save of any life- were generated through the last big remains of void by life itself. Souls were then a sort of technological addition to the vaster phenomenon of life; but things evolved even more and souls have become the very essence of life, making the other aspects of it only contributing elements to the eternal journey of any soul.

Human life is a mere example of this much larger phenomenon, and as all the other schemas of life through the universe, it evolved in the same way. Many people think that the Adam Kadamon was the first living organism in our region of the universe; this assertion is not completely true. Life existed before him, but in a way so simplistic that it’s rarely recognized as being life; The Adam Kadamon on the other hand was the first and maybe best prototype of soul equipped life. Its existence alone was tremendously important as he was the source of the souls that got to life and formed life as we know it now. The Adam Kadamon’s soul was at the origin of the angels’ souls. The angels were the first livings to build civilization in our region of the universe; the first race to transcend the basic states of existence as an incoherent process through the use of consciousness.  But even then they weren’t as complex as the Adam Kadamon that appeared ages before them.

Through their history, many angels wanted to reproduce the creation of life; to synthesize it. But they had to go through eras to get the knowledge of creation. Knowing the through essence of life put them in a fear that paralyzed their attempts to reproduce the phenomenon. They got so scared that all what was exceeding their actual style of life became taboo and their society became frozen in time. One attempt to destroy the taboo was the one of Lucifer; he was considered for ages as the personification of evil for the mere reason that he pursued an even greater want of knowledge. When he lost the essence of the Adam Kadamon, he acquired the knowledge of the void and wanted to access the last remains of this pre-existential substance in order to create life from nothing. His attempts were however stopped and he got back to his purgatory, but that’s another story.

Lucifer interest for the void wasn’t the first major taboo breaking through the angels’ history and way before the first war and the fall of the seventh Archangel, someone else was interested in the knowledge of the Void. During the golden age of the angels when the Archangels’ council was still having seven members, another Angel, a Cherub of the Steel angels was also able to attain the state of Archangel but never joined the council. His name was Mikkel Grey, and he attained the Archangel-hood by scarifying himself for the sake of his quest for the lost knowledge; instead of dying and joining the ocean of the collective consciousness, he became a shadow archangel; an archangel that got his status by defending his own Interest rather than by complete compassion for someone else. Mr. Grey as everybody used to call him acquired by that act the knowledge of the void and the essence of the absence of everything. He then moved from the central continent to what became the earth of the devils and lived alone for years, dedicating his days to his experiments. He was trying to synthesize the void, and failed so many times, but ended up succeeding. His years of dedication produced a single drop of pure void; a very small amount that was powerful enough to create brand new souls. The archangel council wasn’t really advance in their knowledge of the void at that time and Lucifer was still having no intention of getting the power of the Adam Kadamon. It all happened before the beginning of Taboos when the angels were still searching to know and understand the nature of the world that was around them. During those ages, Mr. Grey generated the first humanoid specimens: beings extremely similar to angels but without any particular powers. The continent Mr. Grey was living in, the actual devils continent started to be populated with those new synthetic beings -the proof of the power of the void; the angels used to call them humans- and the angels used to call the place the soul factory of Mr. Grey.

The Humans that Mr. Grey created lived for two centuries when a curious phenomenon started to happen. They started to do things that were against their very nature and started to be dangerous and cruel among each others. Mr. Grey tried to stop them but all his efforts lead to nothing; nothing more than the annihilation of the race. Mr. Grey was destroyed by the failure of his experiment and was failing under the remorse of doing such a horrible thing. He created an organization to seal the knowledge of the void and stop anybody from acceding to it and created the Taboos. His shadow organization disappeared among the angel’s race and existed in a total transparency. He dissolved the void drop into the lake of conceptions which generated a whole new layer of reality that slowly evolved until becoming earth as we know it, populated with less radical humans and the two realities started to link. The reality about earth’s origin disappeared with Mr. Grey shortly after those events…


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