Chapter 6 : The RedHead Code

The Interface was quite an interesting device that passed through earth. It maybe never had the overwhelming audience that it deserved, but it is truly the most advanced technology humans ever had. The interface started as a new advanced tool to upgrade the brain functions to a whole level. However, the first generation of the interface end up causing more harm than good. The interface project stayed in suspension for quite a moment after those events and when he got upgraded, the need weren’t similar at all. At that time, the interface became a virtual world generator enabling the subject to be completely evolving in a software generated environment complex enough to make it seem like reality. The program that was running the virtual matrix was called the Interface W.I.

The interface W.I. has been used only once and for only one subject. However, the software was powerful enough to create a whole world were only one person was evolving. Of course it was a beta test as many other people was intended to share the same environment, but they never joined and in the meanwhile, the whole world was inhabited by artificial intelligence programs. And they were advanced enough to complete the illusion as their basic programming was making them believe that they were as real as the subject. It was the perfect loop to keep the credibility running for as long as needed.

It was a cold Saturday morning in Diamond City. The weather started up quite grey in the beginning of the day and the cold winter wind wasn’t helping. They were no classes on the Diamond University on Saturdays, so it was quite understandable that the campus would be not crowded at all, probably even desert, and it was the case; they were basically no one around. The only human presence was a lonely girl wondering by herself in front of the main restaurant, where the green area was the most noticeable. They were no logical explanation to her presence there. A tall redhead girl with shining face and a short flowing hair that was moving with the wind. She didn’t even react when the wind blew on the way of her face, freezing her little nose and drying her firry eyes. In that moment, she seemed like not being part of the world she was in. completely detached of the element and the roughness of the cold. She wasn’t shacking in her tall black jacket, just keeping her hand in her pockets. Her scarf was going with the wind as much as her hair was doing. In sum, she was a complete mystery. On the other side of the restaurant glass someone was present, and also alone on his side. Him; however was there to take food in order to not leave his room anymore, but he happened to glance the girl outside, and during all that time, he wondered about her presence. His observation abruptly stopped when he had to take his order and end up leaving as fast as he can to see if the girl was still outside. However, he did as fast as he can but when he finally opened the restaurant main door; no one was there any more. The place was completely vacant. Ethan as his name was assumed that the girl with red hair just left.

Ethan spent less time he expected before meeting with her again. As those events were happening in the beginning of the semester, he discovered at his big surprise that the girl in question was with him in a class. However, even though he was happy about the encounter, he wasn’t really able to get in direct contact with her. He felt that she was surrounded by a strong protection area and he didn’t even hear her voice for the couple of first time they were in class. In view of the pressure encountered, he took some time to continue his observation. All what he gained was frustration. The red hair girl wasn’t showing any particular sign of information and he felt that it was growing the mystery about her even more.

But now that they were classmate, he started to notice her around even more and each time it was the same reaction. Each time she was seaming completely disconnected with the reality around her, like if her fire eyes could perceive things differently. Ethan never knew what it was all about.

The reality of the red hair girl is quite out of norms, literarily. That girl which name was Aurora was a program of the Interface W.I. virtual matrix, one of the many sub artificial intelligence programs that existed to inhabit the virtual world. Aurora was different from all the other artificial intelligence programs as she developed a very particular glitch. Aurora was able to perceive the coding of the Interface and has learned through the different evolution of her program setting the reality she was living into. She discovered through the glitch what was behind the scenes and knew all about the reason of her existence. Her personality was utterly touched by the truth and she developed a strong hate for this human user who was beholding all of their destinies by his path. She was acting differently because she was seeing through the illusion and when she saw the cause of her disastrous life, she started feeling hate. During that first cold day in the Diamond City campus, she was aware that she was looked at and what was her reaction when she discovered that it was by the human host: none. She didn’t act at all. She didn’t acknowledge him. The situation continued that way for a while, but as long as she was evolving according to the source scenario, she was more and more around the human host. She kept on her position for a while as well. Her perception of things changed, eventually. As long as she was around him, she felt that he was ignoring all the truth and she saw how similar he was to all the other programs, developing the same patterns and going the same way, not doing anything with the huge potential of the Interface. She felt that he will eventually know, and end the program. Even while not going as far as changing her basic detachment to things, she silently transferred a code to the human host; a code that will save him beyond his return to flesh. As Aurora was able to see the basic structure of the Interface, she saw a piece of coded information that she didn’t find any difficulty to decipher. The information was a crucial high level code to go beyond the already set end of humanity. Even while knowing that at a certain point, the host will shut the program. This transfer of information was a major last hope for humanity and the interface consequently as she perfectly understood the long term consequences of the application of the code.

Ethan never knew about the transfer on this actual life time, but the information was stored deep enough in him to remain intact eons later. Aurora, who was a self aware artificial intelligent program end up saving the whole of humanity through a silent contact with the human for whom the whole illusion she was living in has been built for. A quite simple happening at first view, but utterly important for the whole humanity.


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