Chapter 6 bonus: Into the void

Memories of a life that never happened

Fragments of pictures and landscapes

Landscape that long ago felt

Decadence of time like sand covering land

The moment was lost at the beginning

Before the motion run and the Symphony started

The story continued over the eons and the schemes

Foolishness of humans made it a tragedy

It is in this layout that our tail begin

In a world that was no more than the shadow of a shadow

Trapped in a sub-reality, a man was living a lie

And the man in the center was in faith

That the world he was seeing was the real

But everything was no more than drones,

Virtual life forms crafted for the only task

To make the lie seam as real as it could

In the program the man wasn’t glad

He always carried sadness in his heart

He never really knew why nor where it came

In the tragedy of his life he almost never felt alive

At the exception of one time, the only time

When his heart pounded in the depth of his chest

At the view of the girl with fire hair

By a cold morning in the emptiness of his world


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