A Tale of Gods




Part One: The Goddess of the Light



In the beginning, and even before, there was nothing. In fact, they have never been a before to start with as with the beginning, time itself started. Before time, only silence was there to fill the gap. Matter was only void and nothing existed. But in this eternal ocean of nothingness, veiled in a cocoon lived what was to become the Goddess of the light; an odd sentient entity that existed in the flow of the void, chained by the silence into a complete state of paralysis. The Goddess wasn’t really feeling anything, only emptiness and wondering for what it would be if it was not like that.


The Goddess didn’t know that she wasn’t alone; the void was sentient in a way as well, it created another entity similar to the Goddess, but different in all possible ways; a male God of Darkness. The Darkness of the void; in falling for the void, The Goddess also fell for her counterpart. They formed a bond like no other in the entire non being. But soon enough, silence started to fell, the void was shrinking and so was the God of Darkness. The Universe was finally born, putting an end to this love like no other.


The Goddess was finally free and acquired the first elements of the Universe: The Light. She was then pure energy and fled at the speed of light particles across the newly born world. She saw things that she never thought of, and discovered a new way to fill the lost emptiness. She thought that somehow, she was meant to do something. Her past ended up reappearing soon enough.


Through her many travels, the Goddess discovered lost particles of void, shred across the universe. While she started taking interest in the, something old got back; a new silence felt and made the void react. The Goddess was trapped within her old cocoon; a ray of light in a prison of void. Somehow, she felt good to feel again those old sensations, to be submerged by the nothingness where nothing really matters. However, this time it was different. Something new have risen in the void, a whole new micro world were her consciousness took form in the flesh. She was a shiny young lady with long silver hair and completely white eyes. She was in a lost shrine in the middle of nowhere, but she wasn’t alone. He was here, but he wasn’t the same anymore.


The old God of darkness was no more; he was but the shadow of himself. The Goddess went straight to him, not impressed but what he used to represent. Something happened that never happened before; the old god shady vessel faded away, and from the shadows stroke the light. From the dark corpse of the old god, a new god appeared; a god of hope who embraced the goddess and made her light even stronger.


Together the Goddess of light and the God of hope broke the silence, and were free from the void. The last remain of this old world vanished without a trace, and so was the old God of Darkness. The two new gods were better than ever, and shined through the universe bringing light and hope to its inhabitants.



Part two: the Two Faced God



After losing his shell of Darkness, the newly reborn God was free from what he used to be, what he used to represent. He was able to start back from scratches, and with the Goddess of light by his side, he wasn’t afraid of what was coming next. But time wasn’t the easiest thing to live through after so much exposure to the silence.


After escaping the void, the two gods felt into earth, in the flesh of two newly born humans; they both lived very different and very similar lives. Faith ended up bringing them together again. But Faith was a cruel thing and the game wasn’t easy; as much as the goddess grew to be a shining woman with a heart of light, the God was shattered by the two faces of his past; his old dark self and his new light one. The god wasn’t stable and end up destructing his mortal life. He was about to lose it and give up to faith when she saved him again.


She always appeared when she needed to, she helped him overcome his old self and start from scratches; he was to be a human, his old shadows and lights were things from the past and he needed to go ahead.


The two gods didn’t stay together for a long time, but during the moment of bliss they were having together, he felt happier than ever during his long existence. He was free to be.


Things weren’t to stay that way. The gap that her fading away made was bigger than the solitude of the void itself. The god in the human prison was back to be two again, as it was always meant to be and started a new life of lights and shadows, were nothing had any importance. He was the incarnation of the chaos, the two opposite energies that fueled the universe from its early times to its new periods.


He left his shell and gained others, and each time he met with the goddess, but each time he was back to his elemental state. He was to live in a cycle that would never end, and that never started. A mechanic of souls which was more than a mere experience, but the image of the universe in its own cycles, from shadows to light; from zero to infinity



Part three: the trinity God of the Three Worlds



The never ending story of the Goddess of light and the two faced God never stopped. However, time wasn’t infinitely expandable, and soon enough, silence was to fall again. When it finally happened; the cycle broke for the very first time and the three entities, each on its own side were behind the curtains of the creation cycle itself. They then became one with each other, and formed the trinity God. This new god was out of the realm of void, space, silence and time. It was in its own realm, monitoring the new worlds to be out of the cycle. Each of its parts created a world based on its own characteristics.


The goddess of light created the first world, inhabited first by the prototype being of light. then through its shining aura, the goddess created a world filled by winged beings of light, than soon came to become a huge world of beings ruling empires and fighting wars, mastering the power of the elements, and even some rare beings of pure light. The people of its world became aware of the cycle in a microscopic way, but it was enough for them to bring the next world to the cycle.


The angels somehow pushed the inevitable and made a new world appear. This world was to be ruled by the god of hope, the last phase of life of the old god of Darkness. In this world, he made the humans based on the experiments of an angel, a small gift for his beloved goddess. his humans were to be greatly affected by the old world, but also created life on their own, and seamed to never lost hope, even when death started to strike, and a new cycle of life appeared. A link then appeared between the two worlds, and the bond between them became stronger. They each affected the other, one bringing light and novelty, and the other reminding it of hope by always getting back no matter what. Soon enough, even the old world became affected by death, and the last and oldest world was to appear.


A single world made of the remains of the two others, the last journey of the soul: the ocean of the collective consciousness. this world was ruled by the oldest of the Gods, the God of Darkness, it was a world were even with the flow of time, silence was all around, flushing the oldest components. a single island was present on this world, in it were the tool that made the world of the humans come out of the realm of the winged beings. a last link that was completing the loop.


Heroes were to appear in those realms; legendary beings of flesh that were to make a journey. Some of them even stocked around for so long that they end up being chosen by the trinity god, and were made gods of their own worlds. The universe never stopped expending, and the possibilities were to become limitless.


The End.


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