Chapter 7: The Goddess of the Light

In the beginning, and even before, there was nothing. In fact, they have never been a before to start with as with the beginning, time itself started. Before time, only silence was there to fill the gap. Matter was only void and nothing existed. But in this eternal ocean of nothingness, veiled in a cocoon lived what was to become the Goddess of the light. An odd sentient entity that existed in the flow of the void, chained by the silence into a complete state of paralysis. The Goddess wasn’t really feeling anything, only emptiness and wondering for what it would be if it was not like that.

The Goddess didn’t know that she wasn’t alone; the void was sentient in a way as well, it created another entity similar to the Goddess, but different in all possible ways; a male God of Darkness. The Darkness of the void; in falling for the void, The Goddess also fell for her counterpart. They formed a bond like non other in the entire non being. But soon enough, silence started to fell, the void was shrinking and so was the God of Darkness. The Universe was finally born, putting an end to this love like no other.

The Goddess was finally free and acquired the first elements of the Universe: The Light. She was then pure energy and fled at the speed of light particles across the newly born world. she saw things that she never thought of, and discovered a new way to fill the lost emptiness. She thought that somehow, she was meant to do something. Her past end up reappearing soon enough.

Through her many travels, the Goddess discovered lost particles of void, shred across the universe. While she started taking interest in the, something old got back. A new silence felt and made the void reactive. The Goddess was trapped within her old cocoon; a ray of light in a prison of void. Somehow, she felt good to feel again those old sensations, to be submerged by the nothingness where nothing really matters. However, this time it was different. Something new have risen in the void, a whole new micro world were her consciousness took form in the flesh. She was a shiny young lady with long silver hair and completely white eyes. She was in a lost shrine in the middle of nowhere, but she wasn’t alone. He was here, but he wasn’t the same anymore.

The old God of darkness was no more, he was but the shadow of himself. The Goddess went straight to him, not impressed but what he used to represent. Something happened that never happened before; the old god shady vessel faded away, and from the shadows stroke the light. From the dark corpse of the old god, a new god appear, a god of hope who embraced the goddess and made her light even stronger.

Together the Goddess of light and the God of hope broke the silence, and were free from the void. the last remain of this old world vanished without a trace, and so was the old God of Darkness. the two new gods were better than ever, and shined through the universe bringing light and hope to its inhabitants.


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