Chapter 8: The Two Faced God

After loosing his shell of Darkness, the Newly reborn God was free from what he used to be, what he used to represent. He was able to start back from scratches, and with the Goddess of light by his side, he wasn’t afraid of what was coming next. but time wasn’t the easiest thing to live through after so much exposure to the silence.

After escaping the void, the two gods felt into earth, in the flesh of two newly born humans; they both lived very different, and very similar lives. Faith end up bringing them together again. But Faith was a cruel thing and the game wasn’t easy. As much as the goddess grew to be a shining women with a heart of light. the God was shattered by the two faces of his past; his old dark self and his new light one. The god wasn’t stable and end up destructing his mortal life. He was about to lose it and give up to faith when she saved him again.

She always appeared when she needed to, she helped him overcome his old self and start from scratches; he was to be a human, his old shadows and lights were things from the past and he needed to go ahead.

The two gods didn’t stay together for a long time, but during the moment of bliss they were having together, he felt happier than ever during his long existence. he was free to be.

Things weren’t to stay that way. The gap that her fading away made was bigger than the solitude of the void itself. The god in the human prison was back to be two again, as it was always meant to be and started a new life of lights and shadows, were nothing had any importance. he was the incarnation of the chaos, the two opposite energies that fueled the universe from its early times to its new periods.

He left his shell and gained others, and each time he met with the goddess, but each time he was back to his elemental state. He was to live in a cycle that would never end, and that never started. A mechanic of souls which was more than a mere experience, but the image of the universe in its own cycles, from shadows to light; from zero to infinity


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