Chapter 10: The Animas and the Dragon God

Anima is one of the most peculiar worlds of all the Arasmas. At its origin, it was but a huge sea that had no life; an immense ocean of salted water only inhabited by underwater rocks. Anima was no regular world though; even while lacking life, Anima was the holder of a great energy. Everything changed in that world with the migration of the dragon god. The dragon god was one of the primary beings to inhabit the Arasmas; it was a huge reptilian life form that fed on the energy of the worlds, and after destroying countless ones, it was heading for Anima. The dragon god flew all the way in the empty space to the ocean world sensing its great potential. As he arrived in Anima, the dragon god started feeding on the essence of the planet. The ocean became unbalanced, and for the first time, Land appeared on Anima. The dragon god was finally able to stop its long flight, and to take rest on the newly appeared ground. The world felt the disturbance caused by the titanic creature, and sensed that its endless surface of water might disappear once and for all if the creature continued feeding. Something incredible happened then, the world gave birth to its first elements of life: the Animas. The Animas were at first three little turtles that were no match for the giant dragon god, but the world entrusted them with its energy making them growing bigger and bigger, up to the point where they were as big as continent. The Animas combined their strength and fiercely fought the dragon god. It was a first for the giant reptilian as he was used to roam the worlds without any resistance, but he wasn’t done feeding and fought back the aggression with success. The Animas, even with their gigantic proportions were no match for the dragon god, so they needed to find another solution. They eventually understood that the dragon god was feeding on the pure essence of the world that has become theirs and that they were to die and their world with them if they did nothing to stop him, so they came up with the perfect solution. They figured out that even divided into three, the world’s energy was still easy to absorb so they needed to split it even more. The animas then opened gateways on their back that connected their world to other worlds. They knew that by doing so, Life will come to their planet, and they were right. On the other sides, humans, as well as animals were curious about those strange monuments that appeared from a day to another, so they eventually crossed them and found themselves on Anima. Many were confused, and even repulsed by the emptiness of the place, but some decided to stay. People started crossing taking with them everything that they cared for to this new world, and soon enough, Life spread on the back of the Animas. The three giant turtle infused their energy in small portions to all this life that was now present on their world, making it harder and harder for the dragon god to feed. The new inhabitants of Anima felt that something was wrong with their new home; they were feeling weaker and weaker with every day that passed. Some of them were able to feel that the ground under their feet was alive, and they eventually succeeded in communicating with the Animas. The human recognized their nature and named them Bahos, Samahos and Rahos. They asked them what was wrong, and discovered that the center of the disturbance was the dragon god. People gathered and started thinking of a way of action; they finally decided that the dragon god must be fought. Humans built countless ships on each of the animas, and headed toward the island of the dragon god. Countless warriors were ready to die for this new world that became their home, and countless did during the fight with the dragon. The dragon god was amazed by such a resistance toward his presence. He has already been to worlds inhabited by humans, but never before they have fought him. After a long and restless battle, the dragon god understood that he will never be welcomed on that world. As people were crossing the gateway, it was harder and harder for him to feed. The battle lasted for decades before he finally resolved in leaving Anima. One day, he spread his wings and flew from his desolated island toward space. Anima was finally safe, and the three giant turtles continued to provide shelter for the new life that spread across their backs. Humans knew that this world was now theirs and the animas’. They worshiped the giant beings and respected them, and in return, the animas blessed them with the energy of the world itself, creating a perpetual balance that was never to be challenged again.    


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