Chapter 12: Hooked on Life 2.0

Earth is often told to have one history that defined the evolution of its every aspects. This is far from the truth; Earth never had one single history. The fact is that an infinite number of versions of earth simultaneously exist in multiple layers of realities. Everything is happening all the time, but what is happening in one reality might be quite close or very different from what is happening in another. At the center of this web of layers is the Symphony of time, the very essence of time on earth in its multiple versions. In some of those realities, an organization called the Time Watch exists to monitor the major temporal events and lead humanity on a way that would avoid the upcoming end of time that was ought to happen in a certain number of those realities. However, in certain realities,  The time watch never existed, and in some extreme case, extreme scenarios came to become a legitimate reality.

Let’s take one specific version of earth where the absence of the Time Watch had lead in to some rather bizarre social phenomenon to happen. We will call this reality Earth Gamma Minus. In Earth GM, the evolution of the social interactions between people of the human race got the attention of certain scientific communities as well as media geniuses that built empires around the industrial artificial creation of social virtual spaces and the manipulation of social trends and principles. One of the first giants to appear on the Global Wired Network or the G.W.N was Another Life. a Network Site created in 2000 A.D that provided the users with a very basic interface that was able to emulate to certain extends certain social needs, such as communicating. The site was sound based and wasn’t demanding any kind of skills. It also created the concept of gaming social interaction, with the establishment of points, rewards and other game mechanics, the site was not only emulating social interactions, but making them rewarding and challenging and keeping the interest at a sharp level.

The creator of Another Life, Julio Makarov switched lives from a day to another from Economic Engineer to CEO of a giant company that landed in the first spot of richest multinational in the fall of 2004. The rise of Another Life was so fast that no one could react to their massive multiplication of activities in different sectors. It was so quick in fact that by the time the first researches about the behavior of the company came out, it was already too late. During the years from 2005 to 2025, Another Life incorporated many industrial giants to itself such as GE, Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Shell, Walmart, McKesson, and many others. Another Life was taking control of all the major companies in sectors going from Telecommunication to Pharmaceutics. From 2025 to 2034, Another Life took control of the most prestigious universities in the world, and created special scholarship for certain fields such as psychology, bio-engineering , sociology, robotics, etc… Julio Makarov was ranked richest man in the world by 2027, by 2034, his fortune was much more important than the US GDP. Another Life inc introduced it’s most important product in the summer of 2034: The Interface ID Ship. Makarov personally convinced every nation of the compulsory the integration of the Interface ID Ship to each and every individual to, as he mentioned, “create equal chances in the new paradigm that the Interface ID Ship will create for every human being on earth.” End of quote. By 2050, 99.8% of the human population was equipped with the Interface ID Ship technology.

Julio Makarov did not lie when he Said the the Interface ID Ship will create a new paradigm. The introduction of the technology changed everything about the meaning of humanity. The Interface ID Ship was not really a ship, it was in fact a true miracle of Nano-robotics and Bio-robotics. The interface was in fact millions of nano-robots that were engineered in a synthetic stem cell like organism. The robots had two major advantages, they were perfectly programmable and had the ability to replace various original cells, multiplying in a fast past and building organs and other complex tissues as they were naturally formed by the body. The robots dormant are capsuled in a pill that is taken orally by the person who wants to be equipped. once in the digestive system, the opening of the capsule starts the nano robots who then manage to integrate every important organs and tissues of the host body. the robots acquire then the genetic code of the host to upgrade his living tissues. This lead to the creation of perfectly functional bodies that can be modified at will through the Interface Program. This basically gave Makarov tremendous powers over the rest of the human race as he rose as Game Master. The quasi total use of the Interface ID Ship by the human population as well as the immense political and economic power of Makarov made it possible for him to change the whole social structure of the world. The social contract of Rousseau was modified for a new life apparatus. A life 2.0 Game as he was described by Makarov; in this game, multiple programs were designed under a cast classification.

The casts were: Gamma, Delta, Zeta, Beta, Alpha and Omega. The Gamma were the low level workers that didn’t really need any kind of skills in the activities they were given. They were modified to be half wits, and live forever. There physical aspect was flawless, but lacked any kind of beauty. They were given limited achievements in the game, and the neural stimulus that was given them as a reward was very low powered. Then came the Deltas that were pretty much like the Gammas but were given enhanced physical force to carry more demanding tasks. They were given access to middle rate stimulus and a little bit wider ray of possible achievements. The final lower class were the Zeta, they were the bureaucratic classes and were specifically engineered to carry on management functions and official functions, their cognitive abilities were highly increased but only for their specific field needs. they were given a respectable number of challenges and pretty mild and complex stimulus as rewards. All the lower classes were stopped from breathing through their program. an optimal number has been chosen for them, and they were meant to keep the same occupations forever, carrying over their shoulders the new paradigm.

The highest classes were first different because they were actually able to perform reproduction. The Betas form the political and economical elites, they are the first basis of the upper game. However, they are limited to one offspring per couple, and they are only allowed to breed among themselves. The Betas were also given the choice to terminate their game if they wish to do so after a quota of 150 years. They then are divided into nano dust that is then regrouped for study purposes. It can seem intense, but many terminate their games as soon as they reached the 150 year quota. Then comes the Alphas, or the Star players. The Alphas have no obligations, no jobs, they can do anything that is possible in the game, their experience is way more exciting than any other cast, and their experiences are broadcast through interface to the rest of humanity as main entertainment.  The Alphas are also given a random Achilles Heel weak point, that automatically lead to their withdraw from the game and switching to nano dust condition. The Alphas are also able to breed freely as much as they can, and can use the maximum potential of the Game. There is one Omega in the whole human race, the Omega is no one else than Julio Makarov, who dubbed himself game master.

The game Master designed the rules, but he wasn’t doing only that, he also had the ultimate player abilities. He could use any human on earth as an avatar, and no one can ever know that it happened, alternative memories are created to fill the gap. He also had a power of life and death over the players, and was the one rewarding or scolding them. The Game master was literally hooked to the game. And for more than 900 years, Earth was his playground, until his mental condition switched to an extreme: The God Complex.

To be continued…


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