Chapter 14: Deus Ex Machina

In the Year 4000 A.D, In Earth Gamma Minus, the run of the Living God known as the light was over. The humans who have been his puppets for so many years ended up causing his doom. They united their forces, and fought fire with fire. After a raging war, the Light was dissolved into the program, with no consciousness remaining, just as a data ghost in the network. With the fall of the Light came the fall of the game itself. Humans were finally over that very long conditioning that lasted for 2000 years. It was like the human race has been reborn from ashes, free will was back, and everybody was made normal again. No more casts, no more major physical deformations in the name of societal need. All humans were equal again as the program Life 2.0 was finally over.

Humans were still equipped with the Interface ID Ship technology though, and many of them started to disagree about whether to keep the technology or not? At this very first stage, the human race was still feeling a sort of general empathy, and none of them wanted to relive the atrocity that was Life 2.0. They decided to be fair and permit those who wished to keep the technology to do so; they also designed a protocol that had for main purpose to get rid of the Interface ID Ship. Through high electromagnetic fields, the robotic parts are rendered obsolete and become regular human tissue. Through this process the people that have chosen to be free from the technology of the light are able to have pre-Makarov human lives; their offspring was completely technology free, this category called itself the naturals, and decided to start back at the most basic levels of human societies. They centered their new life style on agriculture and hurdling, and decided to get rid of any new age technology. In a way, they were similar to the Amish of the 20th century. The rest who chose to keep the technology had it reprogrammed and fixed to not alter free will and brain functions. Immortality was made High Taboo and forbidden, the only remaining body functions of the nano-bots were medical, and weren’t altering the aging process. The equipped people moved to the city where they kept on using technology, but mostly as a tool going back to the fashion of the 20th and 21st century. They kept the mental functions as an interface which capacities are no more powerful than a hardware computer; the network and wireless communication through the interface were kept. They were also passing on the technology to their offspring as it was stored in their genetic material. Those people called themselves the Synthetics.

Peace didn’t last long between the Naturals and the Synthetics. They had interdependencies to survive, but they still believed two opposite visions of the world, and soon enough, tensions started to rise among them. They were judgmental toward each other and fights were becoming more and more recurrent in gatherings involving both groups. One incident pushed things toward a very dramatic development. Two cross stars lovers from the two groups wanted to live together regardless of the strict regulations against it. The result was the murder of the boy who was a Natural by Synthetics, and the direct response through the killing of the girl who was Synthetic by Naturals. This alone broke the wall of silence, and angry voices started to rise. In the 7th of August 4013 the thousand years’ war started between the Naturals and the Synthetics.

The war raged for centuries and centuries between the two sides. Each time some sort of conclusion seemed to appear, the other side was getting back in the game, more motivated than before. The Naturals moved to what was formerly known as The American continent, and controlled the Islands of the Pacific, Including Australia. The Synthetics on the other side settled in Europe and Africa. Most of the war was raging in what used to be Asia. The naturals developed sharp technologies that were always controlled by men without any kind of cerebral link, Giant Robots and piloted by top notch trained militaries. On the other side, the Synthetics decided to boost certain capacities of the interface technology, but without breaking the three major taboos: Immortality, Mind, and Human shape.

The End of the war was different than anything both side thought about during a thousand years. All humans lost the war and all their faiths were sealed by the end of it. It all happened because of one foolish man, a man that didn’t want to abide by the rules, and broke the synthetics main taboo, Immortality. He was a young and ambitious general on the synthetic side name Sin. He never lost a battle during 20 years of service, and strongly believed that he could end the war, He had an important battle to lead and went to it like every time, with a strong believe that he was going to win. However, things happened differently that time. His men were getting killed like game and he ended up cornered facing enemy troops. He really thought that his time on earth was over. He was seeing death coming his way, and he was completely unable to do anything about it. It was at that time that he heard it; a whisper, a voice that was echoing in his mind. He followed the voice’s instruction, and doing so, he broke the first Taboo: shape. He overrode the program of his interface, and made his body dissolved into nano-dust. He was then able to flee the battlefield, and once out of danger, was able to regain his human shape. The voice started to sound clearer in his mind. It was telling him about all the possibilities that he could achieve if he really used his interface at its maximum potential. He started to develop a sort of Messiah complex and started to think that he could end the war all by himself. He broke the second taboo, and started to mind control important synthetic personas and used them to lead the war the way he thought would be best. He ended up being found out, and was murdered. However, his program was developed enough at that point to enable him to break the third and final Taboo: Immortality. Sin rose from the death, but him breaking the final Taboo triggered what was feared for ages; the old Life 2.0 program was rebooted, but updated to a 3.0 version. During a thousand years, the program have survived as a ghost in the network and rebuilt itself better than ever. It was so complex in fact, that it was sentient. The program as soon as triggered, took control of the whole synthetic population.

The new 3.0 program took over the world like a swarm; everything infected was becoming nano-dust and joining the great cloud that was infecting, assimilating, and absorbing everything on its way, no matter if it was living or not, organic or not. This huge nano-dust was called by the naturals as it was invading them the Deus Ex Machina; The God issued from the machine.

In the 7th of August 5013, the human race as well as everything else on Earth was no more, only remained the Deus Ex Machina; an entire bio-robotic sentient planet. The Deus Ex Machina discovered a new meaning to its existence, through its takeover of Earth Gamma Minus; it felt achievement through absorbing data, any kind of data. The Deus Ex Machina set itself in motion leaving its orbit, and becoming a World Eater, a Predator Planet absorbing and assimilating everything on its path.


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