Chapter 18: Falling Sun

The sun was falling over the great city of Washington as it had so many times before. It was a warm day of summer, but with uncanny grey clouds that had covered the sky for the entire day. They only stopped filtering the Light of the solar aster when the golden disk was falling down over the horizon letting go of a strange illumination, shades of reds going from dark crimson to light pink, an explosion of warm dimmed light. The red waves of the falling sun felt on the Silver keep, the official palace of the Silver high order of the moon. On the balcony of the highest steel and glass tower; someone was leaning over the edge, lost in the vision of the dying sun. This person was the most important person on earth in that current year 202 of the Silver calendar, equivalent to 2209 A.D. She was no one else than the High Silver queen Frederica IV, the regent of human kind and the highest political authority on the planet. The wind came disturbing her silent sight by toying with her soft silky golden brown hair. It made her royal silver crown move sideways freeing short wicks of hair dyed silver; the official color of the faith and order of the moon. She didn’t really feel the disturbance of the wind as her mind was miles away from such trivial happenings. Her jade green eyes were lost in the diffusion of colors produced by the falling sun. She sighted as she was carrying the faith of the world in her shoulder, and never had this statement been so true; she had to make a very drastic decision; a decision that would change everything, everything she ever cared for, everything she really wanted to keep… She knew that that day was to come, but now that it was there, all the pressure was on her, she needed to take the final decision and go on with Project ‘Prime’. Her face got paler than it already was at this very thought. But she couldn’t let her deception leek, so she quickly managed to get control of her reaction, switching back to a wondering state. She managed to do that, but she couldn’t stop herself from frowning a little bit.

“Erica ! what are you still doing here?! The high council is already in the chamber of the moon, stop zoning out!” A voice said from behind her.

Frederica turned already knowing who’s voice it was. The person who was talking so openly and so authoritatively to the high silver queen was the High Silver Priestess Arianna, also called silver edge by some behind her back due to her very direct and very intuitive speech. Arianna was the same age as the silver queen; both of them have seen twenty springs. She was very slender, with long golden hair died silver at some extremities falling on her shoulders. Her face was a constant expression of wonder emphasized by her wide blue eyes.  Both of them have grown together when they were chosen for their future tasks as babies. The designation of the silver queen and silver priestess is random, but they are trained for their task for as long as they can remember which make them at the end the best to fill those positions.

Frederica tried to hide her disappointment from her friend, but she already knew it would be of no use.

“I needed to take some air before the meeting.” She said.

“You are against it right? But you know we can’t change that right?”

“I don’t care! I will do what I have to do…”

“If you say so.”

“I am the High Silver Queen of the Sacred order of the Moon Arianna! I can’t put my own selfish wishes before the good of our society. We have come so far since our ancestors, the great sisterhood of old have founded the hidden faith of the moon, and have sworn to  bring men down, and to put an end to their tyranny, to kill the patriarchy, and for once give us women the lead. We flew high above men with our determination, we changed the tides when the order of the moon became the center of all power on the planet. We won.”

“But at what cost? Men are dying out, soon enough, they won’t be any left if you don’t do what you have to do.”

“Don’t they deserve to disappear? After all they did to us, after thousands and thousands of years of misery!”

“Are you hearing yourself?! It is the only thing to do, by doing it, we will give the filthy gender the final blow, a last reminder of what they used to be and what they have become.”

Frederica couldn’t hold her tight control anymore, her face frowned in sadness. She whispered:

“But Arianna…Could I really do that to him? From all the people…”

“You can’t change that Erica… It hurts me as much as you, but we are the will of the people; we are the wings of the silver falcons, and it can’t fly to its right path with out us leading it where it needs to go!”

“It’s Sélas we are talking about Arianna. We knew him since we could remember, he has always been there for us, he rightfully serve as the Golden Paladin, our own personal knight Arianna! the person that swore an oath to protect us as long as he would live! would that even matter anymore after we take action?”

“Something happened recently? Right Eri? Something that I am not aware of yet.”

Frederica blushed, she couldn’t stop the flow of memories invading her mind; a stolen moment, a moment that she shared with the knight that she knew since they were born. A break in the thread of duty and roles, and a second of bliss. She felt like a spark going through her skin when she remembered the contact of their skins, and that kiss, that sole kiss that they had. She felt that that moment had passed like an eternity. So much hold feelings have been released through that lone kiss. She remembered his warmth as well, the fire burning inside of him as well that he always hide away. But she also remembered all the fear and the confusion. She was the Silver Queen and Sélas was her Golden Paladin, that romance could never be, she asked him to stop. She saw the surprise and the deception in his eyes for a second, but it all vanished down the dark eyes of the knight. She remembered him getting on his knee and saying that sole sentence: “For you my queen, I shall do anything.” before he completely switched back to his dutiful self.

Arianna looked at her friend, instinctively understanding what was going through her mind. She chose to not say anything for a moment, letting the silver queen in peace.

” How can somebody live as he is forever, does anyone really wants to be immortal?” The silver queen said with sorrow in her voice.

“That’s the price men have to pay through their last member, Sélas life will surely stop making any sense after a while…”

Frederica took a deep breath, before slowly whispering to her friend.

“There is no other way Arianna, right?”

“I am afraid not”

“We will long be dead, both me and you, and he would stay the same, trapped in this life that is not his.  He will be so alone.”

“I know…”

The sun had completely disappeared dimming the sky in darkness. The dark clouds started to fall apart letting the full disk of the moon illuminating the sky by its silver light. Frederica and Arianna looked at the astral body for a while, then they both started walking towards the room of the moon, without saying a word.

After the meeting was hold, the decision was taken. Sélas the golden knight was chosen to be the Last man. The superior number of female birth had led to a potential extinction of the male gender and very few specimens where remaining. Sélas was one of them, and he was to be made immortal through the genetic material of the glitch. A man who first acquired that gift in the 1960s but ended up shattering his mind in an attempt to make the world a better place. the order already found a solution for the preservation of the species through selective cloning, The last man would be the eternal bearer of the downfall of men, the eternally living symbol of the falling sun.

The project was to start that same night. Frederica and Arianna visited the installation as it was expected from them. As soon as she entered the room, she saw Sélas waiting their, with a confused look on his face. When he saw her entering, she glimpsed a spark in his eyes, she remembered again, but this time, she took good hold of her emotions and so did Sélas, he rose from his chair and bowed a little putting his hand in front of his heart.

“My Queen. It is an honor to have you visiting my humble person.”

He turned toward the high Priestess, and bowed again although a little less that time.

“Lady Arianna.”

“I am only fulfilling my duty. As you are my Golden Paladin, I need you to know that the high order of the moon is thankful for your contribution in the greater scheme.”

She felt awful saying that. He kept looking straight in her eyes as he bent his right knee to the ground and said:

“For you my queen, I shall do anything.”

He then immediately raised, bowed again to both the silver queen and the silver priestess, and turned to the door of the bloc where his life was going to be changed forever. As he opened, the door, he slightly turned crossing the sight of Frederica for a second, then disappeared closing the door behind him.

“The things we do for peace…” Frederica whispered.


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