Chapter 21: Age of Chaos



The strange shifts in the Lifestyles of Panchi Svazada and Mark Ensis were only the beginning of something way greater; the start of a new age. The two individuals, even if far apart and basically opposite in everything ended up changing their most defining features- their believes -as a result of their meeting with Master Sadar Shims. The content of the memory drive he gave them was much to thank for this quite rushed transformation. It was a quite short document that was explaining the notions of Chaos and Order. The document was in itself a sigil; the abstract embodiment of the gift of the master: the control of Order over Chaos. Even though if Panchi and Mark received the same exact message from Master Sadar; they both saw the applications of the message differently and both decided to take the approach of the other, shifting from science to spirituality and from religion to quantum physics.

Six year passed since their contact with the master and things have changed a lot for Panchi and Mark. They both became very influential in their new field, and much of it was a result of the application of Order in their new approach to things. Panchi wrote a book called a book called The Spiritual Vision of the Sacred Optimus. It went on directly to become a best seller and millions of people around the world were touched by the new perspectives she was giving through her book. It was globally praised by the critiques who saw in her words only wisdom and truth. For a time, Panchi was moving all around the world, discussing her philosophy and getting more and more people apply this notion of order she was giving. A spiritual perspective of energy that flows in the soul of people; an energy that can be used to make the world better for everyone. People were loving it, applying it, and seeing the positive results it had on them. In a matter of month, Panchi had a cult built around her, and she became the mother of this new religion that was forming around the wisdom she provided to the world.

Meanwhile, Mark was advancing with a similar momentum, but in a quite different field. He received his PhD in quantum physics in a record timing and started writing a very powerful thesis developing a theory that scientists usually never touched directly; the quantum power of human actions on the great scale of the Universe. His monograph entitled: The Quantum Theory of Counter Randomness became a major pillar in the scientific community and got the attention of the public sphere as well. The applications of this theory were immense, and soon enough, they transcended their purely scientific potential to be directly applied by whole communities and countries all over the world. Mark went on to teach his theory in many universities around the globe, and requests for his lecture never seemed to stop, only grow more and more. He became a sort of scientist super star as recognized as previous giants of the field and maybe even more.

Panchi and Mark met officially for the first time the 6th of November 2235. By that time, they were both already public figures and well aware of the existence of the other, but both of them were leading their own revolution, creating the basis of the perfect world they were picturing for the whole of humanity and didn’t really seek each other out. It was by pure chance that they met that day, or so did they think when they knew they will be in contact. Panchi and Mark were invited that day to the Empathy for all Gala organized in Roma by the Simon Dice Foundation; it was a highly important gathering that included the most preeminent figures of the time and was created with the spirit of making the world a better place.

Panchi arrived to Roma in a jet. As soon as she landed feet on the Italian ground, she was assailed from everywhere by camera flashes and every kind of journalists trying to have a word with her about so many topics. She smiled to the cameras, answered a few questions before vanishing in a car that took her to her hotel. Panchi was feeling happy in the privacy of her room; everything was going according to her plan, more and more people were seeing the rightness of her philosophy and Order was soon to be attained. Panchi took a quick shower and wore a long black dress. Her hair wasn’t as fuzzy as it used to be, but contained and smooth going all the way to her lower back. She put on red lipstick and some musk perfume before leaving her cocoon of peace for the chaos of the outside. The car took her to the Gala that was held in the Library of the Church of the Eclipse. Once inside, she was immediately surrounded this time by iconic personalities that were there as well for the Gala. She spoke a bit with the Italian minister of Art and the High Envoy of the Eclipse in Japan. She then took place at her table to wait for the lecture that was held by the First Immortal, Simon Dice himself.

As she was waiting, other people joined her table: The Minister of Art and his Wife who was a very popular Italian film maker, two High Envoy of the Eclipse in Poland and Sweden, and last but not least, Mark Ensis. When Mark took place, Panchi was in a middle of a very boring conversation with the Minister of Art. As he sat, Panchi stopped paying attention to the talk and focused it all on Mark. The two gazed at each other for a brief moment before Panchi got back to her conversation. Nobody seemed to notice the happening, but both Panchi and Mark were intrigued.

“I am sure that with faith, it is possible to reestablish order in the artistic business. The market might be flooded in this period, but more is always better as long as everybody is gaining.” Panchi said to the Minister.

“Yes… But it is not easy to control the market itself, how can we tell people that art must be acquired and how can we tell the artists that their prices should lower?” The Minister argued.

Mark laughed a little hearing the Minister.

“Those are excuses my good sir, I am from this country, this city and I know how the people perceive art. It is already in motion, and people take it; the major problem here is that you are trying to control the outcomes but you don’t know how. You don’t have a guide line. It is possible to reach the perfect point, but for that you must be aware of its existence.” Mark said.

“You are saying that you know where this point is Mr. Ensis?” Panchi asked before the Minister could say a world; she was looking at Mark in the eyes focusing on him and him alone.

“Well, the point only exists when we push things in motion, the point is always near bye as long as we recognize all the parameters and manage to use them at their optimal state.” Mark responded with a smile while keeping eye contact with Panchi.

She smiled back at him before responding.

“But you don’t believe in that point, you perceive it, but you let it out not making one with it. You have a cold approach to the Sacred Optimus.”

“Not a cold one, a pragmatic one I would say. I perceive it as a power that can be harnessed, a tool of sort to realize a perfect state of balance.”

The conversation was abruptly interrupted with the beginning of the Lecture. The announcer presented Simon Dice to the audience. Simon Dice was the first Immortal who caused the global Empathy wave in 1969, he since have lived through many major events that have lead the world to its current state. His talk was mainly about the power of collaboration and how everyone needed to be true and open to move forward. How by working together, the world can only be better. It was a very long lecture, and through it all, Panchi and Mark kept looking at each other from time to time; they both wanted to continue the conversation that they started. As the lecture was almost over, Mark suggested to Panchi to take some air, which she gladly agreed to.

“I couldn’t stand being in there anymore.” Panchi confessed. “It was good that you suggested getting out, maybe a little cold.”

“We can change this negative outcome into something better; we can maybe continue our conversation with some good wine at my place. What do you think?”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea, I just hope your wine is as good as you say.”

“Even better! I am sure you would find it to your liking.”

“And what if I don’t find it to my liking?”

“I am sure you will.” Mark said getting closer to Panchi. “Just as I am sure you will like this.” He said before leaning toward her and kissing her. Panchi was still a bit surprised even if she knew that was coming, and as she expected it, it was really to her liking. She kissed him back, then breaking the kiss; she took his hand and lead him toward her car.

Panchi woke up before Mark and looked at him sleeping next to her; he seemed really peaceful. She was glad she ended up meeting him, he was so much like her and so different on the same time; he used different words, but she knew that he had the same truth she had. She smiled at this thought and kissed him. Waking up, Mark kissed her back before holding her close to him. The two of them exploded in laughter.

“You are better than what I have thought.” Panchi told him.

“I have been told so indeed.” He said laughing, which made Panchi hit him with a pillow before laughing too.

“I will never find someone like you, that’s for sure.” He said. “You can see through the Chaos and create order just like I can.”

“I never thought anyone else could, you have been visited by Master Sadar too I guess.” She said.

“Six years ago yes. I assume you talked to him as well, quite the shady man.” He responded.

“Yes but he opened our minds, that’s for sure! I can see way beyond what I used to see and there is so much that can be done!”

He kissed her as she said those words, and soon enough, kisses became longer and the two of them were all over each other.

Panchi and Mark maintained their affair secret, they both wanted to have a romance that would not be corrupted by exterior factors due to their status. But time made things crumble; they started seeing each other less and less, and started noticing their differences more than their commonalities. Panchi couldn’t trust science anymore and Mark had enough of religion for a life time. They managed to keep their link until Panchi’s Philosophy became an official religion; at this point, neither of them could hear what the other had to say and their love felt into Chaos…


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