Seeking The Light

Humans are stardust, remains of ancient collisions during the chaos of the beginning when the world was just forming, well; it is one version between many, the one of astronomers in fact. According to them, the components that form our bodies are the same found in stars: oxygen, water, carbon, etc… We are the continuous transformation of matter that formed with the Light of the stars and we are here now at this very instant with a million things on our minds, but how can we know? How can we be sure that any of this is real, are we even here? Are you actually reading this paper though a screen? Maybe a doubt rose inside of you, maybe you gave this thought a minute and let it go in your mind. We cannot know anything for sure, all we know we perceive through our senses, but our senses can be altered; taking LSD or Magic Mushrooms or Mescaline will make you see what you see now under a very different light, I have been there, I have done that, and I saw what my mind couldn’t accept before that moment: we cannot know, we can only believe.  What we chose to believe defines our reality, it put light in the void of our perception shaping a world that only us can see. We humans are so very alone, in the fort that is our mind, everything is formed by chemical transfer of neurotransmitters and electric impulses that can never be experienced the same way, and yet we leap beyond the Void to connect with other people, other individuals, other forts. We form a network of souls even if it shouldn’t happen, we are social creatures, afraid and confused seeking answers, but the only answers we find are ours, so we need confirmation, we need approval, we need to know that we are not alone, and we aren’t, or maybe we are? I chose to believe that we are more than what we think, that we are all here for a reason, and so have countless of people through space and time, others don’t, but nothing is ever defined, only relative. Most of us are lazy, we don’t want to think too deep and prefer to get everything chewed for us, and so many accepts their belief without thinking deep about it. If we take the time and open our eyes, we can only realize that we all see the same picture, this truth beyond our understanding that we feel in the depth of our being. We are attracted by the uncanny and the peculiar because we need to see if there is more to this truth than we can perceive, the word can seem so very boring and fade sometimes as the monotony stall and lingers in our lives, but we keep on searching, keep on believing to give this sparkle to our life, to bring ourselves out of the Silence of the Void, where Chaos rule into the Music of the Light where Order reign. We are the children of the stars, lost and confused and seeking an answer, but the only answer we find is the one we already knew all along. The universe is a spiral where everything is the same repeated on many levels with little subtle changes, at its epicenter lays the exploding paradox that keep the balance between silence and music, between chaos and order and between void and light.


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