Chapter 25: Heat of the Storm


Katara stayed with the Hakuraï for quite a while; he was so similar to Liviano, and yet so different. Everything seemed to go just fine in that multiverse, and little by little she grew strong, so strong that she was contented by staying static in a world where her help was not needed. One faithful day of spring, under the blooming cherry trees, she kissed the Hakuraï a last good bye before jumping into the stream of time. Her journey thought her a very important thing, something caused here hopeless travel and she needed to know what or whom.

Katara landed in a large plain all green with short grass. A gentle wind blew making a wave that passed through the grass carpet and made her shiver. After walking for a little while, she found a dirt path and decided to follow it. As she was walking, she started noticing trees that filled the background. By the time the path stopped, she was already in what appeared to be a forest. At the end of the path she could see a very old well. She moved towards it and after considering the surrounding for a moment, she took the bucket that was laying there to get some water. As soon as she put her hand on the bucket, she immediately took it off to avoid a speeding marble aimed at her.

“Stay away from our well Logan! We don’t like the sorts of you here!”

The source of the voice was a kid three heads less tall than Katara who was aiming marbles with a wooden slingshot. The boy had dark hair and clear crystal eyes.

“I don’t know who is this Logan, kid, but I am not an enemy, I just wanted to drink some water, that’s all.” Katara responded with a smile.

The boy’s expression switched from anger to confusion then he smiled too.

“Logans are mean; you seem more like a Pathel! I can trust you. My name is Abadaï. What is yours?”

“Katara! Nice to meet you Abadaï.”

The boy ended up leading Katara through the woods to the hidden village of his people. The village was formed of small huts suspended in the trees and connected by an intricate system of suspended wooden platform; Katara felt dizzy just by looking at them.

Most people in the village were surprised that Katara could speed their thong as she seemed so different from them, and yet so alike. After some expression of curiosity, she was led to the elder of the village, an old master who goes by the name Sirj Anor.

“You don’t belong to this world, but yet here you are.” The master said when Katara took a sit in his hut. He had very long white hair and beard, and sparkly golden eyes; eyes that seemed familiar to Katara for some reason.

“I am a…”

“Time Traveler, yes, and a good one at that, you can go beyond your own timeline, very impressive indeed.”


“I already know you, or at least I used to, another version of you from this branch. You are as beautiful as I remember”

“Where is your Lys?”

“I gave up Lys to a younger Eternal a long time ago, I am kind of retired nowadays… but you. You are lost right?”


“I have a mission for you, it might help in the bigger scale of things, but I can’t give you any certitude.”

“What is it?”

“I formed this community around the holy pathos, the emotional essence of the soul, but another community is menacing the existence of this little eco-bubble. I want you to be the Link between our people.”

“Who are those enemies?”

Sirj Anor looked at her and sighted:

“The only enemies there is are the one we create from ourselves. That community is called the Logans, they believe in the higher power of logic and the wonder of the human mind.”

“Take it as solved.” Katara said already leaving the hut.

“Take your time dear, this can’t be solved with a fight.”

Katara left the next day for the city of the Logans. The villagers all came to wish her luck on her Journey, and offered her a ride-a white horse- and food. After three days and many variations in the landscape, she started noticing high voltage cables going toward a mass of skyscrapers. When she got near the first habitable areas, she took the things the villagers offered her and freed the horse. The stallion went back the way it came, probably toward the village.

Katara noticed little drones that were flying here and there, soon enough, they noticed her as well, and one of them came close to her. A little mice voice rose from it:

“Unidentified Person, Please State your First Name and you’re request. We will do our best to help you!”

“Katara, I need to see the leader of the city.”

“Request filed, please wait for a quick response.” The drone extended an antenna, and after few seconds, the little voice came back.

“Credentials agreed, Transportation is on the way. You will be meeting the High Matriarch: Lady Song.”

As the drone finished its message what looked like wheel less flying care came hovering toward them and stopped at the level of Katara. She immediately stepped inside, closely followed by the drone; she found the little flying object very cute in a way she couldn’t grasp.

The hovering car rose in the sky and flew toward the highest level of the highest skyscraper, after a while, they got close and the glasses shifted to let them enter the premise.

“Please follow me; I will lead you to Lady Song.” The droid said.

Katara followed through slick opaque glass corridor until she got near a gold and silver door that seemed bigger than any other she noticed on her way. The door opened on a study that was as large as a tennis court. A desk was placed near one of the glass walls, and a Lady in a business suit was standing next to another glass wall with a dozen or more drones flying around her.

“I was waiting for you, Katara.” The Lady said before turning back and looking toward the time traveler with acid green eyes.

“You too know me! It seems to be a habit those days!”

“You know me too Kate, another version of me at least.”

“Why am I here? What’s the meaning of all of this; Sonata?”

“I don’t know much, but I know that your days of lost are almost over, but if you want your exile to finish, you must become the link, the Ethos that will bring together Pathos and Logos.”

“Why don’t you and Liviano speak? You are still friends right?”

“We are, of course we are, but we need you as well!”

“I followed Liviano, and you let me go, and now you are expecting me to help you get together, this is madness!”

“We are not like that Kate, and you know that, this is exactly what pushed you into this situation!”

“So now, you’re saying that it’s my fault! I love him okay, I didn’t really chose it, it just happened.”

“This is the only way to really prove it…”

“This is bullshit!! Screw your mission.” Katara said exploding and walking out.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t fucking know, somewhere else than here I suppose.”

The little drone caught up to Katara, but she pushed it away without care. As she went out, she stepped back into the hovering car. Tears started dripping on her cheek.

“Take me away.”

“Please choose a destination.” A deep electronic voice spoke.

“I don’t know, the fucking mountains, I need to chill…”

“Mount silver confirmed.”

After what seemed like an eternity, the car stopped in what appeared to be a frozen plain at the base of a huge mountain. The wind was blowing with force, but Katara didn’t seem to feel any cold, she sobbed and cried and screamed her lungs out, but nothing reduced the pain she was feeling, it was as bad as being stabbed right through the heart.

After a while, the tears were no more, she was calm again, and she started laughing, laughing and laughing. She finally got it, she was wrong all along, it is only by not desiring Liviano, by caring less that she could care more and be cared for, that’s why she needed to find her Liviano, the one she knew and love, but refusing to help this one will be the same as turning her back on the one she loves. She put her jealousy aside, and considered the past, Sonata never showed any real interest to Liviano, she was more like a sister to him, and even if there was something, she should trust him if she really loved him.

As she was realizing all this and more, the pain in her heart started vanishing, replaced by heat, a heat so intense that it grew beyond her and stopped the snow storm melting all the Ice around, she knew what she had to do then.

Katara stepped back into the hovering car and went back to see that multiverse’s Sonata and Liviano and hugged both of them. As they saw her, they both realized that she was on the right track.

As she was about to leave the hidden village, something unexpected happened, a time vortex opened and from it came out…Liviano and Sonata. It only took her one second to know that it was the ones she knew and loved.

“I have waited so long for this…” She barely spoke.

Liviano walked her way; she started walking as well.

“I…” He started.

“Don’t say another word.” She spoke; she got closer to him, and got on her toe to kiss him; he kissed her back and they stayed like that for a moment, a short moment in the life of an eternal, but that moment felt like an eternity.

“Don’t ever leave me…” She said.

“Never; We will be together forever now; The moment is upon us, we can only be happy from now on.” He responded.

“Now and Forever, You are mine and I am yours, the moment is ours…” 


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