Chapter 26: Desert Ice


« Where the hell am I? »  Elise asked herself.

Elise was a young woman completely lost somewhere between the border that separates Arizona from California. Elise was not any girl though, she was more than human; she was an angel. She didn’t choose to be lost, but her quest for her true world led her astray in the middle of a blazing hot environment.

The young lady was living a peaceful life, she had her own little routine, her selected friend and even some space for wondering, everything was perfectly ordered and set, her future was already decided which was for her a perfect compromise as she had a word to say in the matter and knew that she was doing what she believed should be done.

Then the truth came like a hurricane and took away all of that. Elise discovered why her parents were overly religious, why she led her life serving good and only good all that time, why she wasn’t able to do anything really evil and why she always tried to help out others; she was an angel. Her mother was an angel of Light while her father was an angel of Earth; she was born as a mix of those with some attributes from her grandmother who was an angel of water making her an angel of flora. Even her eyes testified this mixed nature; a circle of golden brown was surrounding her pupil, and surrounding it was a field of green that slightly turned into blue at the end.

Her parents told her that it would change nothing if that was what she desired, but if it wasn’t the case, if she wanted to go to the Angels’ Kingdom, that was possible too.

“You have to go on a journey to get there sweetheart.” Her mother told her. “A test for the winged one to find the way back.”

“It will not be easy, and the Kingdom has been a mess for a long time, that’s why we came here!” her father said trying to convince her to forget about it, but she couldn’t it was already there in her mind; she needed to see with her own eyes how it was.

“What about God?” She asked back then.

“God is beyond all of us, and with us all honey.” Her father explained. “It is as present there as it is here.”

Elise stopped for a moment and saw nothing but dust in every direction. She took a map from her bag and placed it on the ground then got on her knees to study it better. She took a small golden coin attached to a string and put balanced it on top of the map, the coin hovered toward one spot of the map then slightly moved to another. Elise looked deep at the path the coin traced. She put the two objects back in her back then made emerald green wings spread from her back.

Elise flew above the ground until cold started making her shiver. She looked down and took the map once again. She saw a small town in the direction that appeared on her map and started moving that way.

As she was flying, she thought once again about her decision. She had embraced her angelic nature and was so happy to know for sure that her life would be filled with goodness she could give others, but she also knew that she needed to go to the source to learn all that is to learn then come back and truly help.

“The Journey an earthly angel must take is composed of three stages: first you must find your guardian animal, then you must find your elemental stone and finally you should accept that every end is only a beginning to be able to cross to the other side.” Her mother had told her.

She understood perfectly what the two first step would involve, but she didn’t want to think about ends, her journey didn’t even start yet; it was like that idea was cursed and she moved it out from her mind as fast as possible, she didn’t dare to think much about it at that point. After all that time, she started giving it a second thought. She has lost something, but her loss was almost at its end.

After few minutes in the air, she reached the ghost town in the middle of the desert, as she landed, she saw it. A white furred Husky that was staring at her with cold blue eyes. She didn’t choose it, it chose her, and it was waiting for her. She made her wings vanish and moved towards it. She approached and so did the dog, after few steps, they met in the middle.

She noticed that it was a female.

“You are such a beauty, I will call you Desert Ice!”






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