Chapter 27 : Fragment of Void




“Don’t make too much noise Rail; we don’t want people noticing us do we?”


The words were exchanged between a boy and a black cat in a back alley of Los Angeles. The boy had black raven hair that he left hidden by a working class hat and dark brown eyes; he was smoking a cigarette during his pause at the retirement house night shift. Rail on the other hand was his pet cat, but not only, he was his Totem animal as it happened to be, the boy who went by the name Knox was a Moon Angel.

He started his journey a long time ago, but failed to find his elemental stone and settled as a nurse in a retirement house in the suburbs of L.A. Knox had left his parent and discovered the truth about his nature by himself, he went through dark places before the moonlight shone upon him opening his eyes to the truth that he had always seen but refused to acknowledge.

“Why couldn’t I find it Rail?” Knox asked the cat sighting.

“Meeo” the cat purred.

“Don’t play all smartass on me Rail, you know that I really tried.”

The cat jumped from the wall it was standing on and came to Knox brushing itself on its leg. Knox threw the cigarette and squatted down to pet the cat.

“You know best my friend.”

A voice came to break that moment.

“Knox! Where the hell are you hiding?!” a women’s voice was screaming.

“I better go, I’ll see you here when I finish, don’t go too far Rail.”


After work, Knox came back to the alley, but didn’t notice nor sensed Rail anywhere.

“Rail!” He started crying. “Where are you buddy?”

Knox started feeling panic rising up within him, the most horrible scenarios started turning in his head. He went for his pack of cigarette and needed sometime to find it, when he finally got a cigarette to light, it was all torn and started coughing at the first hit.

“RAIL!” He screamed! “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He walked for a minute before it started raining. The rain was pouring in a very weird diagonal way and went directly into his eyes. Forced, he faced down as he was walking. He noticed a quick rise in water which was pretty weird as it was the middle of august and cold rain was pouring from the sky.

As he walked a bit more, he started seeing shades of grey in the transparent liquid. Blood he thought. All his questions stopped leaving an unbearable silence in his head. As he walked a step, he saw what he already knew and didn’t want to believe, the unanimated body of rail, the source of the blood in the stream of rain water.

Silence started breaking as this time, emotion flooded him, a mix of denial, rage, questioning, depression all at once. Tears started pouring from his eyes, and he grined, but then he felt a shiver going through his back, he took a deep breath and finally smiled. Getting to his knees, he pet the cat one last time.

“Good bye my friend, I will never forget you, I am sorry you had to suffer for me.”

He noticed something shining next to the cat, a weird looking rock with blood stains. He washed the rock into the stream than rise it under the neon light. The stone had a glass feeling to it, and shone many colors reflecting light from its void center.

“Obsidian…” Knox whispered.

Knox raised, looked a last time and went away leaving his job to get back to his journey, he lost his totem animal for the moment, but could finally find his elementary stone.


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