Chapter 28 : Apocalyptic Ride to Salvation



The sky was bleeding at the sunset as Elise and Ice were walking down San Francisco’s hill. She had wondered for days looking for her stone, and finally found it in the form of an emerald stone that she wore as a necklace. Her mind wondered off in the beauty of the moment and she failed to notice Ice getting far away from her; she was finally driven back in reality when she heard her bark.

Elise started running toward her and stopped half way as she noticed that a guy was petting the husky. Elise was surprised as she felt that the dog was not really reacting well with men. She walked toward the two and noticed a small tiger furred kitty hanging on the guy’s shoulder.

“Ice seems to like you, you can even call her Desert and she would respond!”

“I am not really a dog person, but something with Desert stroke me” The dog gently barked at the sound of her name “Raik here can testify.” The kitty purred

“I am Elise by the way! what’s your name?”

“Hey! Sorry, I forgot my manners, I am Knox”

Elise was about to say something when she noticed Knox’s black rock pending at his neck.

“Is this your elemental stone?”

Knox seemed surprise first then answered:

“Yes…And I assume the emerald is yours which means…”

“You’re an angel too!” Elise finished.

Silence felt for a second that seemed like an eternity.

“I guess everything is linked.” Knox said breaking the silence.

“So I’m guessing you’re looking for the Door too. Elise responded.

“I am indeed, but I can’t figure out the third step! Do you happen to have information on that?”

“I am staked at the same step too!”

Knox looked at Elise for a moment; he seemed to be in a profound second stage that the girl couldn’t decipher. After a few seconds, he finally said:

“Would you like to team up?”

Elise started blushing.

“What do you mean by team up?!”

“Maybe the two of us can help each other out to find the door, I think two mind are better than one, plus it would be good to talk to somebody.” He said with a smile.

Elise felt some deception that she couldn’t understood, but she was positive about the whole ordeal and answered:

“Sure, we can do that.”


Elise and Knox stayed in San Francisco for six days before having any lead on the third mission. It happened while they were eating at a fast food Middle Eastern joint. Ice and Raik waited outside as the restaurant wasn’t animal friendly. The two were eating when Elise’s coin started moving on its own on the map that she kept next to her food. It finally stopped on a spot. Elise and Knox focused on the event saying nothing. Elise got the coin out of the spot and saw a label:

“Bloody McKenzie Ranch, Death Valley, California.”

“We must wait no more!” Knox said. “As soon as we finish eating…”

“I’m done!” Elise responded. “Let’s go!”


The two rented a car and rode toward Death Valley, the journey took them three hours, and 30 more minutes to find the ranch. The ranch seemed big, but it was also old and abandoned, nobody seemed to have live there for years. Ices lead the way followed closely by Elise, Raik and Elise. As they walked past a big rock, Raik got nervous.

“What is it boy?” Knox asked.


Elise and Ice had stopped meanwhile and got back on their steps to see the rock.

“What is it?” Elise asked.

“Not sure.” Knox responded. “But I’m going to try something.”

Knox took off his pendant and holds it tight; he placed his other hand on the rock. After a second, a white pale light started shining from his rock and from the wider rock.

The light started taking shape until two silhouettes became visible, a two young people chained to a rock. A man in a perfectly fit suit appeared and approached them. As he was getting closer, piques took form in front of the two.

Elise knew what was going to happen and closed her eyes; tears leaked as she did. Knox kept them open, feeling all the pain and agony of the moment and accepting it in him as a tribute to the two. He felt sad for the two souls who lost their lives and prayed for the peace of their spirit.

As the light faded away, Knox got closer to Elise and gently stroked her back:

“It’s okay, they are resting in peace.”

“It’s horrible; this man must pay for his crime!”

The Stone started shining again, but not the elementary stone. A spiral of light formed at its center creating a white circle. Images started forming, they saw the two young people smiling toward them and holding hand.

Elise smiled as well drying her tears, and so did Knox. He whispered:

“No fear was needed”

“They are beyond harm…”

“And so will we be… Soon”

He took her hand as the light was fading away, they both new without needing more proofs that they succeeded the third trial, they accepted death as only a transition to a higher peace, that even if cruel, everything happened for a reason and everything felt in place as it was meant to be. The future is filled with light.



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