Chapter 30: A Perfect Song Framed with Silence

In this godless multiverse, life first strived in Arcadia. It was of no surprise that the first heralds of the Goddesses and the Gods would be chosen there.

Arcadia had countless species, all of them reached a level of sentience that put them as equals, they replenished themselves from their contact with the planet itself, feeding of the vibrations of the basic elements. The species never acquired a drive for conflict due to the simple and automatic fulfillment of their most basic needs. Instead they evolved toward complexity and ironically, acquired more and more features that created similarities between them. Their drive to belong transcended the species they belonged to and pushed evolution toward a global singularity, but in which every individual was unique. By the time, far away in the cosmos when Earth started to foster simple life forms, the Arcadians became a hive society of an infinite complexity that advanced to the point of almost perfection in countless disciplines, sciences, spiritualities and much more. Everything in arcadia was sublimed to the point of artistic ecstasy, but nothing was more the subject of that sublimation than love. After all, love was the drive of all the exponential evolution of the Arcadians.

The Arcadians were almost wiped away in a fraction of a second. All because of the foolishness of one of them: the very first Avatar of the god of Silence.

His name was Asamith, like all the Arcadians he bared only one name. Asamith had the body of a man. Two little blue horns on his forehead, silver feathers around his neck and the spiral shaped pupils of his deep golden eyes were the only characteristics that made him different of any homo sapiens. Asamith used to be versed in many of the high arts of Arcadia, but saw more in art than just show, he saw action, possibility, and change. Asamith studied time and pushed the field to its extreme. He theorized the existence of a multiverse and wrote epic poems to illustrate his perceptions. He remained an echo in the overwhelming business of Arcadian scientific art.

Everything changed when Asamith decided to drop the theory and the art for direct experience. He couldn’t get any support as everyone he ever solicited believed that time among few other things should never be tempered with, that it will disrupt the global balance, and that he would be the target of the counterbalance. Asamith was convinced of the necessity of his work; he believed that the knowledge of such fundamentals is necessary for a continual stepping forward and for an eternal expansion of Arcadia. He looked for the most hidden arts of all, what the Arcadians called the way of the wave, what earthlings would describe as magic.

In his unconventional researches, Asamith learned of stories of a Multiverse that predates the one he belonged to. It is told to be a space where entities that embodied the will of Light, Void, Music, Silence, Order, and Chaos roamed affecting the trajectories of countless planets and mingling with the process of life, causing greatness or despair in their changing tendencies. The stories always ended the same way. That multiverse was in the way of a complete assimilation by the World Eater, a rogue planet inhabited by the spirit of countless machines, eating away everything to fully understanding it. Asamith never liked those ends whenever he stumbled upon them in his research. He felt almost personally targeted for his own drive for knowledge.

After six years of pursuing the way of the wave, Asamith learned the fundamentals of the basic elements, the power of the contradiction, and the multiplicity of reality among many other alternative skills.

When he felt he was ready to face the temporal singularity, he started a ritual in order to achieve a point of complete temporal vision. He stood in a spiral where he summoned up two temporal vortexes spinning in opposite directions, one from past to future, and the other from future to past. He never felt more afraid during his entire existence than at that moment; he closed his eyes and connected the vortexes with himself, standing as the link.

His being shattered in every moment of all time combined in one single instant. In the middle of all of this, he stood in the spiral in a point where time wasn’t running anymore. He saw around him, the light of the disk he was standing on was fading away, divided into countless little pieces that kept on going forever in the darkness.

He couldn’t think of anything, it was like everything he ever knew lost all importance during that moment. Then a voice rose in his head, in the light, and all around in every shuttered second of every reality he was projected in.

“Asamith of Arcadia, you have been chosen to hear the eternal silence behind the music of time. You have been chosen to witness the unseen nature of time, and as of now, you will be the herald of Silence, and the emissary of its God on Arcadia.”

Asamith remained silent a moment, digesting the words, his judgment came back to him, and he talked back to the voice:

“This Multiverse is orphan of those gods of Old, why should I serve one of them?”

The voice instantly responded back:

“Only one who believes in servitude would see it as serving. You opened the door to Silence, and Silence you bear, what you do of it is up to you, but remember that you are as much Silence as Silence is you now.”

The voice faded away and so did all sounds around leaving only white noise. Reality came back to Asamith, but all its Music was muted.

Asamith wasn’t the first Herald of the Gods on Arcadia.  A year prior to his own contact with the God of silence, another Arcadian was Chosen by the Goddess of Music. Her name was Medaley.

Medaley had hair of light, shining of different shades in accordance to her moods; it swayed mostly from orange to red, sometimes turning to dark purple when she felt awful. She had eyes that looked like a summer afternoon’s sky filled with constellations surrounding her star shaped pupils. Everyone on Arcadia would agree that her beauty was something that can only be thought to be transcending every convention, a uniqueness that makes one wonder if the vision of her is true or a divine epiphany translated in a mystification of their senses. But looks were not nearly the most important aspects of what made Medaley unique. Medaley was the leading authority in many advanced fields, mainly dealing with pragmatics, economics, and long term expansionism of Arcadia. Medaley’s contribution in the hard sciences of Arcadia lead to the establishment of space missions enabling the spread of the Arcadians beyond their world. Medaley developed the technology to harnest the Void of space to be used as fuel for the engines of habitable World-crafts and provide the necessary means for communities of Arcadians to survive beyond their home world. She received the highest honors for her achievement, but it also put her on the spot and she was forced to see her mind become a resource for the interest of everyone but her.

Medaley was appointed as head of the eternal survival program; a planet wide project that aimed at formulating a consistent plan that would bring the risk of life’s extinction to 0%. She never has been so excited to work on such a colossal project, and on the same time, she cursed the day she got involved in it for it was taking away every second of her life. She had to manage and critic countless theories and projects, and most of them had no long term value. Her assessment was always right, but after two months of leadership work, she started hating any kind of conversation with her colleagues as they were always trying to plea for their pet projects. She always showed them with precise realism why their ideas weren’t worth the trouble nor the resources.

After six months of work for the eternal survival program, she assigned a communication manager to act as a buffer while she focused on concretizing the plans she was working on, and that she was sure would make the impossible goal of the organization a tangible reality. She crafted the theory of wavelength energy which summed up the whole process of life in term of a variable in the global equation of universal energy. She drew the conclusion that the motion of the wavelengths that composed the universal energy were the very source of the flow of time, time according to Medaley was like a symphony with the physics of the universe working as instruments producing that symphony. Her plan was to access the base line of that symphony and put a permanent arrangement that would work as a safe keep for the frequency of life. She engineered a machine that encrypted all of life’s wave signatures and mixed them to create a singularity, a static song in the symphony that once initiated will always create the conditions for life to be sustained.

As the machine finished acquiring the raw data and entered the phase of encryption, Medaley noticed fluctuations that she didn’t anticipate in the readings, and ignoring all caution, entered the contained room where the experiment was happening. The machine finished the encryption exactly when the door closed behind her. She felt like all her life past, present and future superposed at that exact moment, everything she ever experienced became clear to her as a very specific pattern that evolved in accordance to very clear rules and circumstances. She started to be aware of more than just that, she also started seeing and feeling the alternatives, all the possible worlds of the multiverse, all connected in an undying tree of which the deepest roots were in direct contact with the highest leafs, and she was at the center of it all. The noise surrounding Medalay started shifting, concretizing, following a rhythm until becoming a heartwarming melody.

A voice accompanied the melody following its rhythm: “Have no fear, for your heart sings in union with the eternal music. You have been chosen to carry this undying song to your people.”

Medaley calmly asked: “Who are you?”

“The voice within the Music of time, but also your voice, as you and me are one, and yet each of us exists in different places.”

“I am a person of science, I’ll verify those words, but for now I’ll take them as truth. Everything in me tells me to be suspicious, and yet I feel I can trust you”

“Our voices will converse again, but for now; I wish you all the best, ô Herald of the divine music.”

Medaley’s perception slowed down gradually, she lost her consciousness of the multiverse, getting back to reality, but still hearing the undying melody.

Medaley felt no need in pressuring herself achieving the unachievable anymore, she offered her demission from her position, and took on traveling, following the music wherever it lead her. She was feeling like if she was carrying all of Arcadia on her shoulders, but as soon as she got away from that job, that weight suddenly disappeared.

The only reason Arcadia survived the doom it almost went through was because Medaley was able to save Asamith from himself, stopping ‘the Moment’ from happening and swallowing all of Arcadia’s time.

Medaley’s travel led her directly to where Asamith lived, the two of them met in an incredible collision of circumstances. A spark instantly ignited since the first time they met, an odd feeling that the other wasn’t really unknown, but closer than what the facts led to believe. During that moment, Medaley was finally able to hear the silence again while Asamith’s white noise shifted to a reassuring Melody.

Asamith was afraid to never be able to hear Medaley’s song again, and the fear of that idea brought resolve in his heart to go through the ceremony again, to try to reach for ‘the Moment’. Medaley was about to travel away to another part of Arcadia, but felt that Asamith was about to commit the biggest mistake of their history, so she stayed and followed the Melody all the way to where he was. As she forced the door to his improvised temple, he stopped the ritual at the very last moment.

“What you are about to do will not make things better for you nor for anybody on Arcadia, What you are about to do will extinguish all hope for all life on this planet!” She said directing her intense starry gaze toward him.

Asamith noticed the dark purple of her hair and felt a wave of disappointment, fear, anger and much more coming from her. He dropped to his knees

“I can’t handle the Silence anymore, I know that I have to serve it, that I have to fulfill its will, but I can’t live back in it once I heard the music of your soul…”

“You are not the only one to live with a burden, the melody always follows me, there is no more silence in my life anymore, do you know how that can feel? It is just as hard!”

Asamith rose on his feet then moved toward her.

“I will be glad to frame your song with silence if you are willing to fill my silence with your melody…” he said those words while crossing her gaze, but as soon as he was done saying them, he felt embarrassed, and looked away while his face was turning crimson.

“I can’t give any guarantee on how available I could be for such a demand,” Medalay said a bit nervous. She barely knew Asamith, but she still felt how complementary they were.

Asamith took her hand before saying, “No need for guarantees, whatever suits you would suit me, just knowing that I will see you again will keep me alive forever.”

The two were looking deep into each other’s eyes, a perfect song framed with silence played as they shared a kiss, as their two beings became one; they shared a moment far more intense than the one that almost caused the doom of Arcadia. Their Moment was a song of an eternal love between elements that crossed all the layers of reality.


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