Chapter 32 : Fear of the Machine

In a world not unlike ours, humanity took a shift from the path of its millennia old evolution, seeking evermore to reach the peak of perfection with the strong belief that their race was indeed the privileged one chosen to bare dominion over creation.

They followed the path of profit and gain seeking through and through to reach ultimate perfection in their process, aiming for an infinite gain no matter the cost. Then those humans who not long ago were grasping for survival were faced with a dilemma that put in perspective their whole model. The earth that held them for as long as they existed was depleting and the oceans of sands were taken over everything that helped this humanity to reach the standards of their peaking evolution.

They were faced with a choice; slowing down and leaving the earth time to bread and recover from their intensive touch, or change themselves to transcend the need of the earth and create from the void the elements to fuel their progression.

Humanity chose the second option and with that choice, the very meaning of being a human changed. As earth was barren, humans needed to sacrifice their own to fuel the machine of their rise as the chosen of the gods. The very meaning of being a human was redefined as the establishment set forward the Interface Program.

The Interface Program was a latent cybernetic parasite which every human started bearing since birth. It was bound to the species on a genetic level and insured that the plan succeeded. The marker would stay dormant until the human reached adult-hood on a physical and psychological level, then the interface awakens shifting the molecular structure of the subject and making it more machine like, ready to input the role assigned through the analysis of life’s experiences and learnings so far. Once the role was set, it was set for good. No turning back, no second thoughts.

The human subject in this case would become a cog in the human machine that fueled the next evolutionary step of the human species, seeking for alternatives, and repeating the process with each generation, slightly perfecting it.

The subject would grow as a machine for forty years, then finally decommissioned, would be granted a rebirth as a human with the decay of the interface parasite. The human would retain no memory of his life as a machine and would only recall the early days of his humanity as faded pictures, and in the corner of his mind, the eternal questioning of what was his life for.

The human would eventually die, but unknown to him, the subject would have spawned offspring by merging his programming with another machine divined through the Interface Equation. Before death, the subject would feel some kind of loss due to the resonance of passing down his genetic material, they would question why the bother as they would notice that nothing much has changed and that the sacrifice was for a god of narcissism, the god of the supreme human persona the species is stuck in seeking to reach.

There is no space for love in this world not far from ours, only the cold processing of the machine through a selective sorting designed to generate an optimal genetic perfection for the species.

There is no space for art either, other than the unfinished trials of early and old humanity, with no conclusion and only beginnings, be they modest or glorious.

There is only the early fear of the machine, and the old regret.

Humanity was to be lost to this regime, be it not for the defective spawns of those machines who passed through the 1% probability curve and became aware of the infinite loop this humanity was stuck in.

Those rejects of the machine were the key to the salvation of this humanity that was only the shadow of itself. They cured it from the parasite of the Interface, but unknown to them, they were assisted by another kind of parasite, a reflection of themselves in another world of the Multiverse. Their crossing of fate with their resonant selves made them break free from the loop and from the parasite, starting slower, but better, finally enabling the species to regain its humanity.



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