Chapter 35: Meta

As the night flew and the hours run their course, Ethan kept his tiny room filled with smoke, sipping on his cheap wine and cursing the fate that lead him to the place he was in. Ethan’s room was improbable, a minuscule space between two walls who longed to be one. Being in the room felt like being pressed, his thoughts felt dwarfed and his emotions about to burst.

Without thinking, he grabbed a glass by his bedside and sent it crashing at the door.

“Oh do go on please, tell them how miserable I am. Torturing me doesn’t satisfy you enough?” Ethan said looking at the ceiling.

“Don’t go ‘Ethan said’ on me mate, I’m talking to you.”

Ethan was talking to the ceiling like a lunatic, as if he was communicating with an entity only seen by him.

“Alright, you want to play it this way, fine.” He said turning his attention to the window behind him.

“You can’t keep me here forever you know, what are you even trying to achieve?”

As Ethan was questioning the ceiling, a familiar ringtone resonated in the room. Ethan picked up,


“Hey Ethan! This is Cassandra Gray. Please, you must listen to me very carefully, what I am about to tell you is of the upmost importance.”

“Of course it would be,” he responded annoyed,” What is he up to now? What crazy thing does he want me to do?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get what you are eluding to…”

“Never mind, what is this urgent thing you must tell me?”

“According to our calculations, the reality we inhabit is in a collision course with a bigger universe. It appears that if we do nothing, our existence will be absorbed in this new realm, we will merge with those others that are not us, and cease to be…”

“Oh wow, he really outdid himself this time, didn’t he?”


“Alright, hon, our world is heading to a certain end. How am I supposed to stop that? Gosh all I ever wanted was to be a pianist, why do I have to deal with world ending bullshit?”

“Uh..hmm well, it appears that there are breaches opening all around, aspects of that other reality are already leaking here, it appears that the central breach is located in your kitchen.”

“What was your name again?”

“Cassandra, Cassandra Gray.”

“Cassy, aren’t you an angel? Aren’t you supposed to be in that other dimension where you winged humanoids dwell?”


“I bet he erased your memories, he must have used the name out of Nostalgia.”

“Who is this character you keep referring to?”

“He is no character Cassy, in fact, he is the only one of us not to be a character.”

“Is this being related to the crisis?”

“Are you kidding? He made the whole thing up, just because he is bored, sad, and can’t work on his main continuity. You know, we used to be at the center of his mind, now we dwell with the rest at the edges. The never ending tails did end, no matter what he thinks.”

“We still exist though, After all, aren’t you essentially Bill,or Liviano, maybe even Adam or Samith. I might be Cassy, but I am also Mana, I am also Sonata and Rachel and Cecilia, no matter what we keep growing, we keep existing.”

“So you do know!”

“Well yes, but pointing it out is no fun Ethan.”

Ethan took a moment to think. Then looked at his door thinking about the rift in his kitchen.

“What do you think is on the other side of that rift?” He asked.

“No idea, it could be anything really. Our world will disappear, there is no stopping it, but maybe we will land somewhere better.”

“Are you going through a rift as well?”

“Yes, I think I get it now, you know, I am a bit different, I used to be real, another me… It’s hard to explain, but I feel that I will be one with her again if I cross”

“Good luck Cassy,” He felt a bit sad, but regained his calm after a few seconds.

“Good Bye Ethan.”

Ethan put the phone down. Lit up his joint and left the room. He went through the corridor in three step and got to the door of the kitchen.

“I’m gonna finish this before going to wherever you’re sending me,” he said taking a puff, “Just let me be a pianist for once.”

Sure mate.

“Holy shit seriously?”

Well, you will be a pianist, but they will be more, not too much to handle, you can do it!

“Hmm, alright, you better not let me down, or forget about my story all together.”

You know that I don’t forget any of you.

Ethan took a few more puffs.

“So that’s it, no more talk?” He asked.

“Alright, I trust you man.”

Ethan took a last hit that made him cough a little

“That’s the stuff,” He looked at the ceiling, “as usual you’re slow.”

Letting go of the joint, Ethan opened the kitchen door, he didn’t need to turn on the light to see the rift. It was a door shaped mass of light that radiated from the middle of the room.

“Alright, see you around, I won’t bother you this much again, but this was fun. I bet Sonata has a great time being aware of the truth.”

He closed his eyes remembering the sound of fur Elise, as the notes were fading away in his mind, he crossed the rift to a new potential reality.






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