About Me

         My Name is Nabil Dou, I am a Moroccan college student. I am 21 currently and I am majoring in international studies in an American system University in Morocco. I started writing a long time ago, in French first. I had a first fan fiction period when I was around 14 then I started the fallen angel early components around 15. I am still working on it since that time and I recently switched the language to English. I’m overall a calm person with various interests and I am not afraid of experimenting and acquiring new perspectives. I passed through a spiritual phase and I evolved to a septic phase which I am still in; as a matter of fact, I am agnostic. I have various ideas outside the field of literature and many theories in politics and models of societies. I have average drawing skills, as you can notice, it is not really art, but it is representative enough. I also play some piano, speak Arabic, french and English, and I learn Japanese. I am okay with sport and have many other interests, too much to be all cited


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