List of Books

The Fallen Angel

  1. The Angels Arc:
  • The Six Angels’ Army

              The story revolves around six angels born on Earth and going through a spiritual journey to find the Door. The six companions call themselves the Six Angels’ Army. The journey is far to be simple and their lives are greatly affected by the recent developments caused by their quest. At the end of the journey, a new persona enters the plot; an old character that have been waiting to act for centuries…

  • The Fallen Angels’ Coalition

Living in a completely new world have greatly changed the perspective of the six earthly angels. They don’t have the time to wonder around in their new home as they have many tasks to accomplish. As soon as they passed to the angel’s world, they were registered as students in the Angelic Academy: De LaCroix, the capital’s forming center for aspiring angels. Their presence in this new environment is not without Danger; with the Devil back, eager more than ever to afflict his vengeance on the angel race, Bill and the others created a new group even bigger, a coalition that would act when the council decided to deny the truth. Lucifer is still after the same thing that caused his exile, the ultimate power of the first being: the power of the Adam Kadamon…

  • The Door to Darkness

The attempts of Lucifer to regain the power of the Adam Kadamon were vain and end up dispersing it in the whole galaxy, making it worthless. But Lucifer didn’t stop his plans for so much and already founded a new aim. Through their attempts to know what Lucifer is up to, Bill and his friends are confronted with an old obscure organisation that possess the knowledge of the multiple nature of the world. They end up discovering what Lucifer is really searching. The perle of nil, a very ancient artifact containing one of the rarest element in the universe: pure nothing was able to produce pure creation; a power that no one have ever beard since the original creation of the universe. The journey for the perle will lead Lucifer and many other characters in the last layer of reality, the world of nil where all the souls come to to form the ocean of the global consciousness of the universe…

       2. The Apocalypse Arc:

  • The Beginning of the End

    Joshua entered as a freshman in the Diamond University. He passed all his life in a small country side near phoenix and the transition to the university of a big city was quite disturbing for him. He studies art there and got involve rapidly with an obscure club that studies occult phenomenon. He met new people and got really involve with what the club was doing, showing natural talents and even mastering occult practices. By the end of his studies, Joshua is confronted with a terrible truth. A mysterious man brought back memories of another life, letting Joshua confronted with his real identity, The fallen angel that will lead the world to an end…

  • Devil inside

Joshua decided to deny his destiny and chose to flee away with Sarah. Both of them were now aware of their common past as she now loves the man that killed her before. Joshua is able to hide for a moment and Sarah end up pregnant. However, their cover is revealed and the situation became dangerous for the security of Sarah and her Baby. Cornered, Joshua ask the help of the Arcadia and try to convince them to protect Sarah at least. They accept and send Alphonse, a former member of the circle and agent of the organization as supervisor. The two are attacked by Carlos, Joshua’s best friend that happened to be Lucifer’s archenemy. Joshua is heavily injured during the incident and his soul is broken. Alphonse succeeded in fixing the problem by connecting him to the newly build Interface. Something went terribly wrong though and Joshua changed. He denied his name and wanted to be acknowledged as Lucifer, The being that would bring the Apocalypse…

  • Apocalypse

    Lucifer was able to locate the superior demons around and through them was able to access the interior circle of the H&H. Lucifer then with a team of his choice started a quest to find the eye of the Apocalypse, an antique artifact that can bring the world to an end. Carlos, that happened to be The Archangel Rafael’s incarnation in the human world tried to stop Lucifer in his quest and tried to warn him that the Arcadia might endanger the life of his wife and his son. Lucifer then try to get them from the Arcadia with the help of Carlos in gage of stopping his quest and starting a new life. The Arcadia didn’t want to accept the terms proposed and tried to kill Lucifer directly. The fight caused the death of both Sarah and Adam, Lucifer’s son. The death of the only people that were attaching Lucifer to his human life disappeared and what remained of Joshua disappeared as well. Lucifer regained his ancient powers again and nothing was able to stop him to put the world to an end, not the arcadia, not Raphael, not even his other son…


3.The Perfect World Arc:

  • The Rise of the Imperfects
  • The Return of Aralmëch

4. The Non Arc Stories:

  • Past Interface
  • Shadow’s Tail
  • Ramon’s Destiny
  • Memories of the Damned
  • Time’s Sonata
  • The Equation
  • The World Which Never Was


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