Chapter 29: Shinning through the Void

Beyond reality and the physical world where all time stem from and all time come back to lays the realm of the six gods: the embodiment of the fundamental elements of all that is. The existence of the gods predated the universe as they were born from the clash of contradictory fundamental forces: Light and Void, Order and Chaos, Time and Silence. The actions of the gods started affecting their respective elements, shaping the multiverse. As the gods became aware of their powers, they worked together to create a balanced reality where sentient life grew and flourished.

However, the gods abused their powers and their greatest creation came to jeopardize the fate of everything that is. Sentient beings learned how to use the sacred elements and derailed the cosmic balance in their futile conflicts. The gods fearing the end of all things left the multiverse locking themselves where their power wouldn’t affect the rest of existence. In this realm beyond all realms, the gods are powerless, watching over the multiverse growing on its own.

The barrier between the realm of the gods and the rest of reality was maintained for eons, and the worlds grew very differently than they did the first time. Even without the intervention of the gods, sentient being appeared in this new multiverse, and slowly started evolving. Many of those beings were doomed to very short existences due to the harsh fairness of this new existence, and many of them vanished without spreading much. The goddess of Light was sadden by those massive deaths and pleaded that a multiverse without life was an unbalanced multiverse. The other gods refused to act directly once again, but in the end, a compromise was found. The gods wouldn’t leave their realm, but would instead act through the mediation of individuals from those sentient beings, enabling life to spread while still maintaining the cosmic balance. The chosen of the gods started appearing all over the multiverse, most live their lives knowing nothing of the crucial importance of their existence; while some are forced to gaze into the harsh truth. Very rarely do two chosen meet, even more so if they are representing opposing elements; however, as rare as that might seems to be, it did happen in one branch of the multiverse on Earth.

Ethan Stone was a regular boy; he lived a relatively trouble free life until the age of 18. After that point, he started taking questionable life decisions. Ethan was never satisfied with the plain and arbitrary life he felt he had. It seemed to him that he was put on invisible rails that made any greatness impossible. Ethan sought the limits of reality and started experimenting with everything he could put his hands on, from dangerous narcotics to obscure occult practices. Each time Ethan lost parts of himself, but each time he felt that truth was close and kept on going forward. At the age of 22, he ultimately gapped beyond the barriers of the physical world and what he saw almost took his sanity. He saw the world behind the world and gapped into the Void that maintained the universe together. His spirit was chosen by the god of Void to act as his herald. It took him a year to recover from his transcending experience and readapt to reality, a long year where he was consumed by the Void within. It was only when he accepted what he has become that his pain diminished enough to enable him to retain his sanity.

Being the Herald of the Void came with consequences, everything Ethan was trying to accomplish and everyone he knew started fading into the darkness, disappearing into nothingness, leaving him alone at the center of the Void that consumed him. Ethan started avoiding the outside world, only leaving the darkness of his apartment late at night when no one roamed the streets anymore.

Ethan was engaging in one of his nocturnal trips when everything changed. He was sitting by a pond, lost in his thought when he heard something. As he raised his head to look around, he saw her. She was standing by the water under the full moon. From where he was sitting, it almost seemed like she was standing on the reflection of the moon. She had long silky black hair contrasted with a shiny skin that glowed under the light of the moon. Ethan was mesmerized, he never saw anybody like that. He stood up and walked toward the mysterious lady, she seemed to have notice him as she started moving toward him as well. As Ethan was facing her, his sight crossed her intense gold and emerald gaze. He felt something strong irradiating from her, something that overwhelmed him so much it made the void within seem insignificant.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“My name is Mary,” the girl said “and who might you be?”

“I am Ethan,” He responded. “This might seem weird, but there is something about you Mary that I can’t comprehend… and yet, it feels like you are the only one that can make me feel complete again… I know, you don’t even know me, how can I say all that, but would you believe me if I told you that I was marked as a herald of Void?”

Mary looked at him for a moment then responded:

“I believe you Ethan, just like you I have been chosen to carry the Light. If I can make you complete that I don’t know. It is a lot to ask from someone you just met; even the elements we represent are opposite…”

“You are right,” Ethan said. “I got a bit carried away, but I still believe that Light and Void complete each other, neither can exist without the other after all. I am sorry I wasted your time,” he said turning away and leaving Mary.

“Wait!” She said. “You don’t have to fade in the Void alone… We can still see each other again sometimes, I don’t mind sharing my light.” she added with a smile.

Ethan turned back, at that moment he knew his heart no longer belonged to the Void; it belonged to Mary, the only person that could make his Void shine.


Chapter 28 : Apocalyptic Ride to Salvation



The sky was bleeding at the sunset as Elise and Ice were walking down San Francisco’s hill. She had wondered for days looking for her stone, and finally found it in the form of an emerald stone that she wore as a necklace. Her mind wondered off in the beauty of the moment and she failed to notice Ice getting far away from her; she was finally driven back in reality when she heard her bark.

Elise started running toward her and stopped half way as she noticed that a guy was petting the husky. Elise was surprised as she felt that the dog was not really reacting well with men. She walked toward the two and noticed a small tiger furred kitty hanging on the guy’s shoulder.

“Ice seems to like you, you can even call her Desert and she would respond!”

“I am not really a dog person, but something with Desert stroke me” The dog gently barked at the sound of her name “Raik here can testify.” The kitty purred

“I am Elise by the way! what’s your name?”

“Hey! Sorry, I forgot my manners, I am Knox”

Elise was about to say something when she noticed Knox’s black rock pending at his neck.

“Is this your elemental stone?”

Knox seemed surprise first then answered:

“Yes…And I assume the emerald is yours which means…”

“You’re an angel too!” Elise finished.

Silence felt for a second that seemed like an eternity.

“I guess everything is linked.” Knox said breaking the silence.

“So I’m guessing you’re looking for the Door too. Elise responded.

“I am indeed, but I can’t figure out the third step! Do you happen to have information on that?”

“I am staked at the same step too!”

Knox looked at Elise for a moment; he seemed to be in a profound second stage that the girl couldn’t decipher. After a few seconds, he finally said:

“Would you like to team up?”

Elise started blushing.

“What do you mean by team up?!”

“Maybe the two of us can help each other out to find the door, I think two mind are better than one, plus it would be good to talk to somebody.” He said with a smile.

Elise felt some deception that she couldn’t understood, but she was positive about the whole ordeal and answered:

“Sure, we can do that.”


Elise and Knox stayed in San Francisco for six days before having any lead on the third mission. It happened while they were eating at a fast food Middle Eastern joint. Ice and Raik waited outside as the restaurant wasn’t animal friendly. The two were eating when Elise’s coin started moving on its own on the map that she kept next to her food. It finally stopped on a spot. Elise and Knox focused on the event saying nothing. Elise got the coin out of the spot and saw a label:

“Bloody McKenzie Ranch, Death Valley, California.”

“We must wait no more!” Knox said. “As soon as we finish eating…”

“I’m done!” Elise responded. “Let’s go!”


The two rented a car and rode toward Death Valley, the journey took them three hours, and 30 more minutes to find the ranch. The ranch seemed big, but it was also old and abandoned, nobody seemed to have live there for years. Ices lead the way followed closely by Elise, Raik and Elise. As they walked past a big rock, Raik got nervous.

“What is it boy?” Knox asked.


Elise and Ice had stopped meanwhile and got back on their steps to see the rock.

“What is it?” Elise asked.

“Not sure.” Knox responded. “But I’m going to try something.”

Knox took off his pendant and holds it tight; he placed his other hand on the rock. After a second, a white pale light started shining from his rock and from the wider rock.

The light started taking shape until two silhouettes became visible, a two young people chained to a rock. A man in a perfectly fit suit appeared and approached them. As he was getting closer, piques took form in front of the two.

Elise knew what was going to happen and closed her eyes; tears leaked as she did. Knox kept them open, feeling all the pain and agony of the moment and accepting it in him as a tribute to the two. He felt sad for the two souls who lost their lives and prayed for the peace of their spirit.

As the light faded away, Knox got closer to Elise and gently stroked her back:

“It’s okay, they are resting in peace.”

“It’s horrible; this man must pay for his crime!”

The Stone started shining again, but not the elementary stone. A spiral of light formed at its center creating a white circle. Images started forming, they saw the two young people smiling toward them and holding hand.

Elise smiled as well drying her tears, and so did Knox. He whispered:

“No fear was needed”

“They are beyond harm…”

“And so will we be… Soon”

He took her hand as the light was fading away, they both new without needing more proofs that they succeeded the third trial, they accepted death as only a transition to a higher peace, that even if cruel, everything happened for a reason and everything felt in place as it was meant to be. The future is filled with light.


Chapter 27 : Fragment of Void




“Don’t make too much noise Rail; we don’t want people noticing us do we?”


The words were exchanged between a boy and a black cat in a back alley of Los Angeles. The boy had black raven hair that he left hidden by a working class hat and dark brown eyes; he was smoking a cigarette during his pause at the retirement house night shift. Rail on the other hand was his pet cat, but not only, he was his Totem animal as it happened to be, the boy who went by the name Knox was a Moon Angel.

He started his journey a long time ago, but failed to find his elemental stone and settled as a nurse in a retirement house in the suburbs of L.A. Knox had left his parent and discovered the truth about his nature by himself, he went through dark places before the moonlight shone upon him opening his eyes to the truth that he had always seen but refused to acknowledge.

“Why couldn’t I find it Rail?” Knox asked the cat sighting.

“Meeo” the cat purred.

“Don’t play all smartass on me Rail, you know that I really tried.”

The cat jumped from the wall it was standing on and came to Knox brushing itself on its leg. Knox threw the cigarette and squatted down to pet the cat.

“You know best my friend.”

A voice came to break that moment.

“Knox! Where the hell are you hiding?!” a women’s voice was screaming.

“I better go, I’ll see you here when I finish, don’t go too far Rail.”


After work, Knox came back to the alley, but didn’t notice nor sensed Rail anywhere.

“Rail!” He started crying. “Where are you buddy?”

Knox started feeling panic rising up within him, the most horrible scenarios started turning in his head. He went for his pack of cigarette and needed sometime to find it, when he finally got a cigarette to light, it was all torn and started coughing at the first hit.

“RAIL!” He screamed! “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He walked for a minute before it started raining. The rain was pouring in a very weird diagonal way and went directly into his eyes. Forced, he faced down as he was walking. He noticed a quick rise in water which was pretty weird as it was the middle of august and cold rain was pouring from the sky.

As he walked a bit more, he started seeing shades of grey in the transparent liquid. Blood he thought. All his questions stopped leaving an unbearable silence in his head. As he walked a step, he saw what he already knew and didn’t want to believe, the unanimated body of rail, the source of the blood in the stream of rain water.

Silence started breaking as this time, emotion flooded him, a mix of denial, rage, questioning, depression all at once. Tears started pouring from his eyes, and he grined, but then he felt a shiver going through his back, he took a deep breath and finally smiled. Getting to his knees, he pet the cat one last time.

“Good bye my friend, I will never forget you, I am sorry you had to suffer for me.”

He noticed something shining next to the cat, a weird looking rock with blood stains. He washed the rock into the stream than rise it under the neon light. The stone had a glass feeling to it, and shone many colors reflecting light from its void center.

“Obsidian…” Knox whispered.

Knox raised, looked a last time and went away leaving his job to get back to his journey, he lost his totem animal for the moment, but could finally find his elementary stone.

Chapter 26: Desert Ice


« Where the hell am I? »  Elise asked herself.

Elise was a young woman completely lost somewhere between the border that separates Arizona from California. Elise was not any girl though, she was more than human; she was an angel. She didn’t choose to be lost, but her quest for her true world led her astray in the middle of a blazing hot environment.

The young lady was living a peaceful life, she had her own little routine, her selected friend and even some space for wondering, everything was perfectly ordered and set, her future was already decided which was for her a perfect compromise as she had a word to say in the matter and knew that she was doing what she believed should be done.

Then the truth came like a hurricane and took away all of that. Elise discovered why her parents were overly religious, why she led her life serving good and only good all that time, why she wasn’t able to do anything really evil and why she always tried to help out others; she was an angel. Her mother was an angel of Light while her father was an angel of Earth; she was born as a mix of those with some attributes from her grandmother who was an angel of water making her an angel of flora. Even her eyes testified this mixed nature; a circle of golden brown was surrounding her pupil, and surrounding it was a field of green that slightly turned into blue at the end.

Her parents told her that it would change nothing if that was what she desired, but if it wasn’t the case, if she wanted to go to the Angels’ Kingdom, that was possible too.

“You have to go on a journey to get there sweetheart.” Her mother told her. “A test for the winged one to find the way back.”

“It will not be easy, and the Kingdom has been a mess for a long time, that’s why we came here!” her father said trying to convince her to forget about it, but she couldn’t it was already there in her mind; she needed to see with her own eyes how it was.

“What about God?” She asked back then.

“God is beyond all of us, and with us all honey.” Her father explained. “It is as present there as it is here.”

Elise stopped for a moment and saw nothing but dust in every direction. She took a map from her bag and placed it on the ground then got on her knees to study it better. She took a small golden coin attached to a string and put balanced it on top of the map, the coin hovered toward one spot of the map then slightly moved to another. Elise looked deep at the path the coin traced. She put the two objects back in her back then made emerald green wings spread from her back.

Elise flew above the ground until cold started making her shiver. She looked down and took the map once again. She saw a small town in the direction that appeared on her map and started moving that way.

As she was flying, she thought once again about her decision. She had embraced her angelic nature and was so happy to know for sure that her life would be filled with goodness she could give others, but she also knew that she needed to go to the source to learn all that is to learn then come back and truly help.

“The Journey an earthly angel must take is composed of three stages: first you must find your guardian animal, then you must find your elemental stone and finally you should accept that every end is only a beginning to be able to cross to the other side.” Her mother had told her.

She understood perfectly what the two first step would involve, but she didn’t want to think about ends, her journey didn’t even start yet; it was like that idea was cursed and she moved it out from her mind as fast as possible, she didn’t dare to think much about it at that point. After all that time, she started giving it a second thought. She has lost something, but her loss was almost at its end.

After few minutes in the air, she reached the ghost town in the middle of the desert, as she landed, she saw it. A white furred Husky that was staring at her with cold blue eyes. She didn’t choose it, it chose her, and it was waiting for her. She made her wings vanish and moved towards it. She approached and so did the dog, after few steps, they met in the middle.

She noticed that it was a female.

“You are such a beauty, I will call you Desert Ice!”





Chapter 25: Heat of the Storm


Katara stayed with the Hakuraï for quite a while; he was so similar to Liviano, and yet so different. Everything seemed to go just fine in that multiverse, and little by little she grew strong, so strong that she was contented by staying static in a world where her help was not needed. One faithful day of spring, under the blooming cherry trees, she kissed the Hakuraï a last good bye before jumping into the stream of time. Her journey thought her a very important thing, something caused here hopeless travel and she needed to know what or whom.

Katara landed in a large plain all green with short grass. A gentle wind blew making a wave that passed through the grass carpet and made her shiver. After walking for a little while, she found a dirt path and decided to follow it. As she was walking, she started noticing trees that filled the background. By the time the path stopped, she was already in what appeared to be a forest. At the end of the path she could see a very old well. She moved towards it and after considering the surrounding for a moment, she took the bucket that was laying there to get some water. As soon as she put her hand on the bucket, she immediately took it off to avoid a speeding marble aimed at her.

“Stay away from our well Logan! We don’t like the sorts of you here!”

The source of the voice was a kid three heads less tall than Katara who was aiming marbles with a wooden slingshot. The boy had dark hair and clear crystal eyes.

“I don’t know who is this Logan, kid, but I am not an enemy, I just wanted to drink some water, that’s all.” Katara responded with a smile.

The boy’s expression switched from anger to confusion then he smiled too.

“Logans are mean; you seem more like a Pathel! I can trust you. My name is Abadaï. What is yours?”

“Katara! Nice to meet you Abadaï.”

The boy ended up leading Katara through the woods to the hidden village of his people. The village was formed of small huts suspended in the trees and connected by an intricate system of suspended wooden platform; Katara felt dizzy just by looking at them.

Most people in the village were surprised that Katara could speed their thong as she seemed so different from them, and yet so alike. After some expression of curiosity, she was led to the elder of the village, an old master who goes by the name Sirj Anor.

“You don’t belong to this world, but yet here you are.” The master said when Katara took a sit in his hut. He had very long white hair and beard, and sparkly golden eyes; eyes that seemed familiar to Katara for some reason.

“I am a…”

“Time Traveler, yes, and a good one at that, you can go beyond your own timeline, very impressive indeed.”


“I already know you, or at least I used to, another version of you from this branch. You are as beautiful as I remember”

“Where is your Lys?”

“I gave up Lys to a younger Eternal a long time ago, I am kind of retired nowadays… but you. You are lost right?”


“I have a mission for you, it might help in the bigger scale of things, but I can’t give you any certitude.”

“What is it?”

“I formed this community around the holy pathos, the emotional essence of the soul, but another community is menacing the existence of this little eco-bubble. I want you to be the Link between our people.”

“Who are those enemies?”

Sirj Anor looked at her and sighted:

“The only enemies there is are the one we create from ourselves. That community is called the Logans, they believe in the higher power of logic and the wonder of the human mind.”

“Take it as solved.” Katara said already leaving the hut.

“Take your time dear, this can’t be solved with a fight.”

Katara left the next day for the city of the Logans. The villagers all came to wish her luck on her Journey, and offered her a ride-a white horse- and food. After three days and many variations in the landscape, she started noticing high voltage cables going toward a mass of skyscrapers. When she got near the first habitable areas, she took the things the villagers offered her and freed the horse. The stallion went back the way it came, probably toward the village.

Katara noticed little drones that were flying here and there, soon enough, they noticed her as well, and one of them came close to her. A little mice voice rose from it:

“Unidentified Person, Please State your First Name and you’re request. We will do our best to help you!”

“Katara, I need to see the leader of the city.”

“Request filed, please wait for a quick response.” The drone extended an antenna, and after few seconds, the little voice came back.

“Credentials agreed, Transportation is on the way. You will be meeting the High Matriarch: Lady Song.”

As the drone finished its message what looked like wheel less flying care came hovering toward them and stopped at the level of Katara. She immediately stepped inside, closely followed by the drone; she found the little flying object very cute in a way she couldn’t grasp.

The hovering car rose in the sky and flew toward the highest level of the highest skyscraper, after a while, they got close and the glasses shifted to let them enter the premise.

“Please follow me; I will lead you to Lady Song.” The droid said.

Katara followed through slick opaque glass corridor until she got near a gold and silver door that seemed bigger than any other she noticed on her way. The door opened on a study that was as large as a tennis court. A desk was placed near one of the glass walls, and a Lady in a business suit was standing next to another glass wall with a dozen or more drones flying around her.

“I was waiting for you, Katara.” The Lady said before turning back and looking toward the time traveler with acid green eyes.

“You too know me! It seems to be a habit those days!”

“You know me too Kate, another version of me at least.”

“Why am I here? What’s the meaning of all of this; Sonata?”

“I don’t know much, but I know that your days of lost are almost over, but if you want your exile to finish, you must become the link, the Ethos that will bring together Pathos and Logos.”

“Why don’t you and Liviano speak? You are still friends right?”

“We are, of course we are, but we need you as well!”

“I followed Liviano, and you let me go, and now you are expecting me to help you get together, this is madness!”

“We are not like that Kate, and you know that, this is exactly what pushed you into this situation!”

“So now, you’re saying that it’s my fault! I love him okay, I didn’t really chose it, it just happened.”

“This is the only way to really prove it…”

“This is bullshit!! Screw your mission.” Katara said exploding and walking out.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t fucking know, somewhere else than here I suppose.”

The little drone caught up to Katara, but she pushed it away without care. As she went out, she stepped back into the hovering car. Tears started dripping on her cheek.

“Take me away.”

“Please choose a destination.” A deep electronic voice spoke.

“I don’t know, the fucking mountains, I need to chill…”

“Mount silver confirmed.”

After what seemed like an eternity, the car stopped in what appeared to be a frozen plain at the base of a huge mountain. The wind was blowing with force, but Katara didn’t seem to feel any cold, she sobbed and cried and screamed her lungs out, but nothing reduced the pain she was feeling, it was as bad as being stabbed right through the heart.

After a while, the tears were no more, she was calm again, and she started laughing, laughing and laughing. She finally got it, she was wrong all along, it is only by not desiring Liviano, by caring less that she could care more and be cared for, that’s why she needed to find her Liviano, the one she knew and love, but refusing to help this one will be the same as turning her back on the one she loves. She put her jealousy aside, and considered the past, Sonata never showed any real interest to Liviano, she was more like a sister to him, and even if there was something, she should trust him if she really loved him.

As she was realizing all this and more, the pain in her heart started vanishing, replaced by heat, a heat so intense that it grew beyond her and stopped the snow storm melting all the Ice around, she knew what she had to do then.

Katara stepped back into the hovering car and went back to see that multiverse’s Sonata and Liviano and hugged both of them. As they saw her, they both realized that she was on the right track.

As she was about to leave the hidden village, something unexpected happened, a time vortex opened and from it came out…Liviano and Sonata. It only took her one second to know that it was the ones she knew and loved.

“I have waited so long for this…” She barely spoke.

Liviano walked her way; she started walking as well.

“I…” He started.

“Don’t say another word.” She spoke; she got closer to him, and got on her toe to kiss him; he kissed her back and they stayed like that for a moment, a short moment in the life of an eternal, but that moment felt like an eternity.

“Don’t ever leave me…” She said.

“Never; We will be together forever now; The moment is upon us, we can only be happy from now on.” He responded.

“Now and Forever, You are mine and I am yours, the moment is ours…” 

Seeking The Light

Humans are stardust, remains of ancient collisions during the chaos of the beginning when the world was just forming, well; it is one version between many, the one of astronomers in fact. According to them, the components that form our bodies are the same found in stars: oxygen, water, carbon, etc… We are the continuous transformation of matter that formed with the Light of the stars and we are here now at this very instant with a million things on our minds, but how can we know? How can we be sure that any of this is real, are we even here? Are you actually reading this paper though a screen? Maybe a doubt rose inside of you, maybe you gave this thought a minute and let it go in your mind. We cannot know anything for sure, all we know we perceive through our senses, but our senses can be altered; taking LSD or Magic Mushrooms or Mescaline will make you see what you see now under a very different light, I have been there, I have done that, and I saw what my mind couldn’t accept before that moment: we cannot know, we can only believe.  What we chose to believe defines our reality, it put light in the void of our perception shaping a world that only us can see. We humans are so very alone, in the fort that is our mind, everything is formed by chemical transfer of neurotransmitters and electric impulses that can never be experienced the same way, and yet we leap beyond the Void to connect with other people, other individuals, other forts. We form a network of souls even if it shouldn’t happen, we are social creatures, afraid and confused seeking answers, but the only answers we find are ours, so we need confirmation, we need approval, we need to know that we are not alone, and we aren’t, or maybe we are? I chose to believe that we are more than what we think, that we are all here for a reason, and so have countless of people through space and time, others don’t, but nothing is ever defined, only relative. Most of us are lazy, we don’t want to think too deep and prefer to get everything chewed for us, and so many accepts their belief without thinking deep about it. If we take the time and open our eyes, we can only realize that we all see the same picture, this truth beyond our understanding that we feel in the depth of our being. We are attracted by the uncanny and the peculiar because we need to see if there is more to this truth than we can perceive, the word can seem so very boring and fade sometimes as the monotony stall and lingers in our lives, but we keep on searching, keep on believing to give this sparkle to our life, to bring ourselves out of the Silence of the Void, where Chaos rule into the Music of the Light where Order reign. We are the children of the stars, lost and confused and seeking an answer, but the only answer we find is the one we already knew all along. The universe is a spiral where everything is the same repeated on many levels with little subtle changes, at its epicenter lays the exploding paradox that keep the balance between silence and music, between chaos and order and between void and light.

Chapter 23: Dawn Before the Symphony

When the Music of Time started flowing in the newly born universe, it formed several junction points in the center of the first stars. The first star to receive the flow of time was Arcturus. The giant aster spread a world where a sentient race named the children of time lived; this world was called Arcadia. The children of time as their name suggests had a very strong bond with that element of the origins and to some extends could also master the other five elements. They had a natural way with time; however, for void, light and so for, they used Arcadian material as a medium to hold their energy.

The children of Time formed a very peaceful society for eons, but greed for power started spreading. Selfishness grew among the people of time as more of them were seeking more personal power. Factions appeared and war started among Arcadia; a war like no other where destruction had never been bigger. After years of annihilation, only two fractions remained: The worshipers of the eternal Silence and the Chosen of the Symphony. The first ones believed that bending time to their will should be their right, and started time wars beyond their own world. They possessed weapons fueled with pure Silence as well to completely erase their opponents from existence, but as the war lasted, they ended up using all the Silence of their world.

The Chosen of the Symphony on the other hand were working according to a different philosophy; they believed that time is their responsibility and that they were the guardians of its right progression. They worshiped the Goddess of Music and Time and had as ultimate goal to serve her by protecting her element and all the people affected by it.

The Worshipers of the Eternal Silence were more powerful and more spread in Arcadia than the Chosen of the Symphony, and war was quite common between the two; however, both of them managed to keep existing together until the last hours of the planet.

The Chosen of the Symphony also interacted with other worlds, but never for war. They saw themselves as guides for all worlds in their quest of understanding time. They sent many of their kind to those worlds were they Monitored time directly through the Symphony of its star.

Earth was also chosen to be monitored, and for this task, a young man under the name of Liviano Iskatel was chosen. Liviano was trained during his childhood to the mastery of time. He grew in a temple of the goddess of Time and was raised by the clerks. By the age of 15, he was able to pass the highest test of time bending and received Lys, the sword of Light as a reward.

Liviano was quite honored to be part of such a plan, although sometimes, he felt that his life was already traced for him, and it made him frustrated to see how little power he had over it. He always managed to get rid of those ideas by finding meaning in his role, it was a big responsibility after all, and he needed to fulfill what was needed from him perfectly.

By the age of 23, Liviano reached the rank of Silver Knight, and his training was almost over. It was around that time that he met the Queen of Years for the first time. He saw her for the first time in the temple of the Goddess; she was looking at the giant statue of the deity and was standing just in the middle of the room, under the skylight. Her golden hair was shining as bright as Arcturus itself, and her bright blue eyes were lost in the vision of the statue. It was the most beautiful sight Liviano ever had; he completely froze for a moment at the sight of her. She stayed in that state for a moment before noticing him; when she did, she crossed his gaze. His heart started to race for a reason that was beyond his understanding, he kept looking at her for a moment before awkwardly disappearing. As soon as he was away, he stopped a moment to rethink the encounter; one thing was sure, he needed to see her again.

His wish was fulfilled sooner than he anticipated; he was appointed to a special program that had as purpose to clarify his future guardian mission on Earth. As he showed up the first time to the meeting room, he was focused on the importance of the knowledge he was about to receive. As he entered, he saw with a bit of surprise that the girl he saw in the Light was there. It was strange for him to see her that close. He couldn’t really do or say anything as the lecture was already starting. Liviano did his best to keep in track with what was going on, but his attention was shifting; he knew nothing of this girl; the only new thing he knew was the sound of her voice, a sound that seemed like music to his ears.

The second time, Liviano came early; for some strange reason, he felt that he would know more about the mysterious girl with the sun in her hair. His feeling was right as only seconds after he had that thought, she entered the lecture room.

“So many people in here!” She said out of the blue.

“Yes, it’s really crowded; we can hardly fit in here.” Liviano responded.

Just like that, they started talking. She introduced herself as Regina Artal, the current Queen of year. She was from a farther region in the north and came here as a part of her journey to represent the Goddess of Time in many other worlds; It was her sacred duty. Liviano immediately noticed a very gentle vibe within her, he introduced himself as well and they started discussing those meetings they were attending; for some weird reason, even if it was the first time they met, it felt like they already knew each other.

Liviano was completely amazed by the Queen of years, he could hardly wait for the next time he could talk with her. Things were a bit different though; the following time he attended the lecture he wasn’t able to talk with Regina again, she seemed like a fleeting glimpse of Light, he felt her spirit, heard her voice and saw more of her wit, but it was like an echo coming from far away.

Liviano eventually met her back, and talked a bit with her, he noticed that she was getting lost due to all the pressure that her role as the Queen of Years was putting on her, especially the new part of her training that was way more confusing than anything she had to do so far. Liviano tried to help, but he didn’t have much to say; he put himself in her position and saw how hard it was. His words only had as effect to confirm the dramatic state of things; he felt awful being part of that negative wave Regina was going through, even by just restating the facts.

As time passed, the interactions of Regina and Liviano became more current, they started meeting even outside the temple’s lectures, and had the occasion to speak a bit more out of their usual context. Regina was a strong believer in the rightness of the faith’s ways; that peaceful interventions of such were necessary for improving things. However, she was also a free spirit in a way and believed that life should be fun as well; she had something unique, something special.

Around the very end of the training; everything went wrong in Arcadia. The Actions of the Worshipers of the Eternal Silence lead to the end of their world. In an attempt to make more Silence to fuel their weapons, they damaged the Symphony of Time in the center of Arcturus, their star. Time started vanishing. At that Moment, Regina and Liviano were together; Liviano then witnessed something that no one else ever saw. Regina, the Queen of Years Gazed at the collapsing star and sighted before turning to Liviano.

“What must be done must be done…” She said.

“What do you mean?”

Regina just smiled then turned back toward the star in the sky. She then started glowing as Music started all around them; it was a strange melody that was reassuring and happy, but also troubled and uncertain.

“You must go now!” Liviano heard Regina’s voice in his head.

“Where to? What’s happening?” He asked.

“The Goddess has taken over; time is dying in this world! You must go!”

“Will I ever see you again?”


Liviano tried to step forward, but as soon as he did, everything became dark around him. When He got back to his senses, Liviano was lying on a forest that seemed nothing like he ever knew. Worst, he couldn’t remember any forest. He knew that something very important just happened, but he couldn’t focus on anything. Memories seemed to him like distant blur objects that were very far from his reach. He remembered only three things, His name, the name of the sword he had with him, and that time was music.

‘Time is on my side, Time is music breaking through the silence.’ He thought.